Suggestion - decorative deployables, portraits?

Since I couldn’t find the suggestion subforum anymore, here it goes!
I know Rust is still in a crude stage of development, but let me just share my idea.

Being able to find modern life decorative items in loot crates for your house is probably a secondary goal in Rust development, but finding such items would be better than getting stone hatchets half of the time, or even finding empty cans.

I know there is a plan to add tables to the game, but I don’t think we should be able to find deployable tables inside trash cans or something like that.
Random portraits and paintings, however, is a nice thing to spice up your home. It would be also very easy to model, LOD and implement in game, as it is basically a box with a specific texture. It would be quite reasonable to find them in trash cans. Also, it is Steam workshop proof, as people could easily create their own textures for the portrait and implement it to the game / custom server.

I spent a good amount of time on Paint to come up with a sketch of what it would look like (limited the size in this post, open its link for full size). Let’s hear your opinions! :zoid:

Fancy cosmetics could help fill the end-game niche.

There should be cool shit that’s hard to get that requires a lot of shit you get from raiding that at the same time doesn’t improve your ability to raid.

I’d be down for bone statues to make use of human skulls/bone fragments a la The Forest.

Also just generally giving your own place more character. I’d be all for outside cosmetics too like wall paint and stuff like that.

Perhaps get some dye, combine it with [thing] to get paint, or combine dye with clothes to get colored clothes? I think that specifically would solve those “Oh I see someone running at me with a burlap shirt, my friend has a burlap shirt but so does a lot of people. I don’t know if I need to be defensive or not until I can see their name.” moments.

This is something I would definitely like to see implemented eventually

Would be even more appropriate if the portait was of a Newman or even a female Newman teaser.