[SUGGESTION] Demolish feature replacement/fix

Okay, so, I don’t know how well this would work in reality, and I’m not sure if it’s an acceptable amount of non-realism to be put into the game anyways, but in theory, it should work pretty well.

There’s people that are super pissed about the removal of Demolish cabinet, and, yes, it was useful, but it was pretty bad at the same time. So how about this: After you place a part of your house, you get between 1-10 minutes (Let garry decide) to demolish it, if you figure out that you placed it wrong. That gives you leeway when you made a placement error and need to take it down immediately, but makes it so that if, in the far future, you want to expand, or if you were making your house, but decide that you want the room to be bigger AFTER you already built it, but can’t because you didn’t think ahead, then that’s totally your fault, and also makes it fairly hard to abuse (Someone would have to be watching you build, and run in and demolish it right after you place it, which totally eliminate the purpose of using Demolish to break into someone’s house, since if you’re watching them build, you can probably kill them and break in without even needing to demolish anything).

Again, I’m not sure about the realism factor, but it is technically realistic, since usually when building something, your best chance to take something apart is right after you put it together, since usually after that they become bonded/stuck in other ways, and are much harder to take apart without damage.

Also, sorry about the run-on-ness of my post. I re-read that in my head and my brain ran out of breath. :S

I like it. I used to run a plugin on my legacy server that did the same thing. Everyone liked it.

for me, i’d say 2 mins max. available to any player with a hammer, so you can break down griefing panels when they first go up, or stop someone from rebuilding their walls instantly when you are raiding. but yeah, i have no issue with a temporary demolish feature when you first place a block. it’s being able to use demolish to drop an entire base to rubble in seconds that i have an issue with.

Just run a remover plug in! Its not a default feature that is really needed. It will make you think about what your doing and sure mistakes happen but a simple whack with the hatchet and its gone any how unless you rushed to upgrade.

Running it and a few others in my server now and it works just fine. Check it our at

Sure, we can run a plugin, but a lot of people play on servers without plugins. And it’s obviously a feature that’s needed, considering how many people got extremely angry when the cabinet was removed. If it wasn’t a necessary feature, people wouldn’t still be constantly whining about it whenever Rust is brought up.