[Suggestion] (Don't see many of these here) Farming

What sets this game apart from DayZ or the failed War Z experiment is the GMod sandbox nature. Yeah, you can PvP all day every day, but that really isn’t giving the game more than competition at the moment. In case the devs haven’t really considered, farming could add depth for everyone. People that solely PvP would have another reason to invest gear and ammunition into raiding compounds that might or might not have a farm. “Casuals” or hermits would have something else to do to subsist and perhaps even trade. Some say that doesn’t happen in the game, but there are bartering system that could serve a sa model for a market. I’ve seen “hotels” that ask for a XXX amount of wood to stay and be “safe” for a night or two. Although I partake and enjoy en PvP scene, going around killing nakeds for bandages and the occasional haul of wood and stone doesn’t make much sense after some time.


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add slave plantations

That could work

Boats with fishing nets and what not as suggested in another thread, would expand the sandbox feel even more. For example people would model docks for their boats along with shire side mansions in which would make your house more difficult to raid in some situations being that you can not walk on water.

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Fishing in the water, get a beautiful catch of a dozen chicken breasts flopping on the deck, glistening in the morning sun.

as stated by the devs this game is moving to a different vision that what the started out with and i can imagine farming comming into play

I think there would be a few easy things they could add which would instantly add farming…

1.) Wheat resource. Basically, just a reskin of rocks except you use hatchet (can’t use Rock or Pickaxe) and it awards you Wheat for cutting it down.
2.) Wheat is plantable. So the Wheat would award you Seeds and Wheat. The Seeds are plantable, creating a new wheat plant which must be left to grow (possibly with some kind of spam protection - like can’t place within some radius of other wheat plants)
3.) Some non-hostile mobs follow you if you are holding seeds. This bit is important, as it lets you lead animals back to your farm (if you’re lazy, can also be used as a bait tactic - just hold out seeds, wait for one to get near, and start bashing it in the face)
4.) Animals occasionally seek each other out and breed, spawning a baby. Babies can be harvested, but they will have much fewer resources, so it’s better to wait until they grow up.