Suggestion: Download button

I would like to have a button, that when you click it, permanently downloads and stores any ToyBox entity, weapon, prop, or map on your computer. So that you would be able to access it at any time (weather your off-line or on-line) from it’s representative tab.

Yea its good idea :smiley:

Why don’t you just connect to the internet. This is like asking for a offline button on webpages. It isn’t 1990 anymore.

Well I’d rather not re-download my favourite stuff all the time.

That’s also a good reason, I for one, have about 8-12 things I need to redownload every time I start a new game or go through a loading point in campaing. And besides, would it really be that hard to add an extra button?

First website was 1991 yo.

You don’t redownload anything, ever, unless its been updated.

It’s like its on your computer, all you have to do is click on it. The only thing you would have to download would be models. In single player that is, not in MP.

How about for servers?

Look Garry, I’ve read a couple threads over the last few days and it seams that you already keep all the resource files for downloaded toybox entities and weapons on the client computer. So it should not be that hard to allow us to acces them offline shouldnt it? I mean if all the files are already there, couldn’t you just give us an option so if we want to, we would be able to acces these entities in our entity and weapon tabs without having to connect to toybox first?

But WHY.

Because not everyone has a constant internet connection.
It may seem quite third worldey but 24/7 broadband isn’t a permanent fixture in some people’s lives.
What’s the harm in being able to load from the offline cache if an internet connection isn’t available?


So that, instead of having to search through the ToyBox for one of the things you want, it’s already downloaded into your Entity/Weapon/Etc tab. It’d be useful for people who aren’t always connected to the internet. (Like myself)

It’s frustrating having to search through the entire ToyBox for a single entity when there are re-uploads and modifications to it by other people, so you don’t always find the right one.

I’d like a download button. :slight_smile:

A good reason: Whenever toybox is down, you still have access to toybox props that you’ve downloaded and such.

You see, garry, people also travel. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy some Garry’s Mod on a long plane flight, or in some isolated little town?

The other day, Steam Community was down for maintenance. Toybox was completely unusable ingame during this time. That is why Gmod needs a fallback, so it lists your locally stored Toybox things, if it can’t access Toybox.

I have to agree that it needs some sort of fallback. Not having internet or if steam community or the toybox site breaks nothing works.

yeah, that would be pretty useful

Come on Garry, this is obviously a wanted feature, could you please add it? And my point still stands form the earlier post, would adding it be really that hard? I mean if it requires you to completely recode Gmod, then you don’t have to add it, but if all you need to do is add an button…

so he should add the other 9000 Wanted features? Just saying…

I also dont see REALLY why you would want this… just use and look! you dont have to re-download anything, ever!