Suggestion: Download button

Because is not toybox, they don’t host different things, and if they do its some kid uploading something he did not make.

I’m on a limited network, and when i hit the limit for the day it cuts my access to anything but the local network.
Since the entire idea for toybox was to make it so your game was not cluttered up with addons, i don’t see why it should be added.

But on the other hand it is annoying when the net cuts and you cant access anything.

I myself don’t care.

I’d just like to be able to access things if the website is down or if I’m not connected to the internet. :slight_smile:

wow, Garry rated you dumb …

So, any chance of this happening?

Garry has obviously never had to deal with Charter Communications as an ISP.

I totally agree.

Garry, in a few months, I am going to Hawaii. If I don’t have access to toybox for a 14 hour flight. Then

Hate to be Captain obvious here, but not everyone has a nice 1 or 2 mbps connection. I don’t really use the CloudScript things all that often simply because my connection is too slow and unstable for it to be enjoyable.

As I said before, it’d just be a nice feature to have anything you download from the ToyBox installed like a regular addon, so that it goes into it’s respectable category IE. weapons/entities. That way you can delete it if you please, and use it offline. (Like people who have laptops, and travel with them.)

My Internet is constantly dying out all the time, and I’ve found more fun stuff to play with in the ToyBox than I’ll ever find on Wouldn’t it be nice to have neat stuff to toy around with while my Internet stops being so freaking retarded?

Garry, seeing how many people agree with me and actually want this feature, I’m not gonna let this thread die untill it’s implemented.

It’s not going to be implemented.

Isn’t that a bit shortsighted? you can’t see a need so just ignore the valid arguments made here?

Content is already saved to disk and can be accessed through the browse tab, i might as well make something that automaticly makes a spawnlist for that…

As for weapons it could be an idea

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And entities

Could you at least tell us your reason for not wanting to implement it, not including you “It isn’t 1990 anymore” comment. Because frankly, some people can’t afford or just can’t get a decent and reliable internet connection.

Takes time to implement, for probably not a very large group of customers. That’s my guess. I rather have Garry work on new features than all sorts of hacks to get stuff working offline. Plus it’d be pointless for Toybox to have Steam verification since pirates could just copy the Toybox cache from somewhere and thus abuse the offline mode.

I don’t see how it could really hurt to add it. Can you, at least, try it and see how it’s used be people?

I agree with this thread. I’ve wanted to be able to download stuff since ToyBox first came out.

Well, I guess I’ll be sitting at home, in the dark, with no Internet, playing G-Mod, bored out of my mind because I could be making mingebag poses with ToyBox rag-dolls, hopping around like a turtle, jumping on your new favorite ToyBox entity, while avoiding Dr. Hax. :confused:

Garry, this is vital since people are always going about, if you were to be board on some lousy car trip to the coast or on a plane, you’d like to play something fun, gmod is the answer…

If the cache is saved, can’t it be placed in a box in every category “ToyBox Downloads”?

That way
-All cache is saved
-Play anytime, anywhere
-Updates only come when internet is plugged in

This is a great idea.