[Suggestion] draw on the assaulted home

mark territory invaded such as: spray or letter posted on the wall.

or leave a message for those who break into the house.

My friends and I have been talking about ways to leave messages to people in some way for a while. Signs or messages you can write… pretty much anything would be new and fun. I’ve renamed a countless number of sleeping bags this week and it hasn’t gotten old yet- I’ve even been leaving bags I would have normally destroyed if I can think of something clever to put on their bag (sometimes not clever but something like “fartsack” is always funny when it read “vacation home” before I found it).

I watched some guy standing in front of my base’s wall and broadcasting spray paint sounds while standing there. He ran away when I told him to stop tagging my house. I think spray paint wouldn’t be out of place in rust- maybe you could wash it off your in some way. This might be an interesting drop from a barrel or something you’d find in a rad run.

Someone mentioned to “bring the glowsticks” over chat the other day and I was like I don’t have the bp for that as a joke but then I started thinking about it. Glow sticks would be an excellent blueprint to have and it would be somewhat realistic as well. In the army, they are often used to mark houses that have already been searched or raided, as well as rally points. Additionally, this could be similar to the flare but perhaps you could attach it to the house as you were describing for night raids in rust. Make them water proof with a finite life, I could really see this as something that would get some interesting use in Rust. You never know, a bunch of nakeds will probably gather with glow sticks at night while someone broadcasts rave music, ultimately leading to their demise by some gunmen but Rust has always been about weird meetings like that.