[SUGGESTION] Dynamic ingame group system

Type of system: A system were players can invite their friends to a group.

How will this improve the gameplay experience?: This will help newer players find eachother, better communication and less spam in the chat for unrelated players.

Suggestion explanation: I was thinking if a /invite command could work(e.x /invite buzzie). A group can hold up five members.
You may wonder how this makes it easier to find friends? Above every group member’s head there could be a small green dot, arrow or any symbol.
Within a couple of hundred meters the dot will be visible, if further the dot will disappear until the member comes back in range.

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I think it is a bad idea. Mainly because it’s a survival game not like Arma2 Wasteland where you know where your team is…

It’s only a bad idea for die hard realism nazis… which is dumb. This is a game. If you want to be real about it, in real life you would be able to recognize your friends because they all have different faces. In this game, you hatchet your friends accidentally because all naked assholes collecting wood look the same.

Make a marker that shows up in 200 yards of you and you’ll see a whole lot more teamwork, which is kind of the point of multi-player games.

My only other suggestion could be the ability to make wearable symbols to allow you to differentiate between friend and enemy. Like a biker gang, or a tabard if you’ve ever played WoW.

They already said they wouldn’t do this.
Instead they’ll be adding actual tangible ways to identify each other, like how in real life gangs wear similar cloths and have symbols and signs to represent themselves.

The idea is that organization is entirely up to players. Also adds the possibility of infiltrating a group by putting together a similar outfit…

Can we please search around and read about other people who have posted the same exact suggestion? also a ./invite command would be horrible, i want to be immersed in this game and that would take me out of it.

Yes, and “die hard realism nazis” are also the types who approved of sleepers and haven’t left the game outright because of their implementation. It’s very unlikely it will happen given the stance Garry has taken when the backlash against sleepers started up. He and the developers don’t really care whatsoever. They have a vision of realism they don’t want to break away from no matter what the community says about it. Not saying I like it at all, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Is pressing F1 and using commands apart of that immersion? Suicide et al

The only way to ‘survive’ is with a team. Us without high-end PCs are slaughtered by the voice-chat gangs that can shoot before you see them. The game was advertised as Survival but it’s a KOS FPS murder-fest.

It’s hard enough being a loner as it is, allowing groups to know which person is their friend and which is the enemy will be even worse.

Imagine this scenario:

A 4x1 match, where everyone is wearing Kevlar and has M4s. How the hell will you know who’s who from far away? You don’t. Which gives the player a small chance to survive, as you may shoot one of your friends and/or you’ll let down your guard.
And besides, Garry specifically stated that he won’t implement a feature like this.

They should add dyes so everybody in your group could like dye their armor to the same color or something like that.

Communication communication communication

Totally agree with this, and to set permissions for doors so you don’t need to build thousands of them

What they said they would do is allow you to visually identify each other, for instance by wearing the same-color clothes. And that for doors, they would add locks.
The best case I think is that they add both combination locks and key locks. You would design the outer layer of your base with key-locked doors, and an inner layer with combination locks. The outer layer is for fast entry, where each of your members gets a key so they can get inside quickly if they are under fire. The inner layer is for security, once they’re inside safely they can enter the combination (distribute the combination to each team member). This way even if a team member dies and drops their key, the attacker still doesn’t have access to the base as they need to guess the combination as well.