SUGGESTION - enemies based on the movie - Starship Troopers


sorry my english.

SUGGESTION - enemies and bullets impacts effects based on the movie - Starship Troopers

About rust enemies i think they can be mutated/Radiated insects/bugs, thinking about it,
what I like about the movie “Starship Troopers” are the bullets impacts on insects and the pieces or legs that fly off of them.
they are tough and tries to catch you even with some missing legs.

you can see this at:

1,00 min / 1,20 - bullets impacts and some pieces/legs flying out.

1,42 min - fly bug take damage, and lose some pieces/legs and still try fly.

4,06 min - bullets impacts and some pieces flying out and still try kill the soldiers. - the best example

I like to see them getting the impact and their bodies receive the leaps of bullets.
they try to kill you even with some legs missing.

this (dismemberments) can be used for all future enemies, like this:

that is it.

I think these are neat ideas, but maybe not on this scale. As far as I know, Rust is modern, so the robot sentry, while looking derelict, doesn’t quite fit. (Edit: I guess the robot was on the Rust Trello page, but I still don’t think it quite fits.)

However, the Starship Trooper bug, I rather like, but I think they shouldn’t be so large and possibly only found in certain areas.

See, Garry and the team still haven’t quite settled on what kind of creatures or environmental opposition will be put in. Right now they’ve only got naturally existing creatures. I wouldn’t discount anything just yet. Something similar to these may in fact turn up in game.

I love the idea of mutant bugs, but more like swarms or colonies with insects larger than your hand (1 ft). That is more scary imo (and doesnt require too much disbelief.

Don’t tell me these aren’t scary (they can kill you).


oh no, not again, mercy pls cazadors.

Mutaded Bugs why not