Suggestion: "Factory new" guns from airdrops/chopper

The guns we’re able to find currently in airdrops (AR, bolt-action rifle […]) has the same “salvaged” appearance as if it was crafted by a player, which seems really weird, since the airdrops come from the same place that choppers come from, and they can give you a “normal” gun (M249) upon destroyed.
Therefore I suggest the implementation of “factory new” versions of these weapons (with slightly better stats, maybe?) and put them in place of the guns you loot from airdrops.

Or maybe even a brand new gun, based off of the AR15 or something… ;):wink:

Thank you for reading!

It could be “factory new” weapons that you can only obtain only by drop, maybe using weapon pre assets of unity like the ones we got in Rust legacy, but naked psychos shouldn’t have the repairing tools necessary to fix those factory weapons, not even in a repair bench.

Maybe not repairable or craftable at all, just like the M249.

It would be another good reason to go for airdrops too, since it’s currently not thaat worth going after them end-game.

Depends on what you’re repairing. Some parts need machining tools, sure, but a lot of them are relatively simple.

Please don’t bring this CS:GO Cancer into Rust

they should drop Military weapons which are a bit stronger and have a better durability then the Scrap ones we craft but they are not able to be repaired.

It would be one of those “trophy” weapons I’d be too scared to take out with me! Maybe add a exhibition frame!?

In all fairness, not a bad shout, but Id agree they should not be repairable

And here’s the thing, they don’t have to be that much better either. Simply give us a modern looking version of the weapons we already have. MAYBE with a few better quirks to the gun. For example the Eoka would be a musket pistol with a hammer that shoots faster.

Eoka = Musket Pistol - Has a striking hammer that allows it to shoot instantly
Hunting Bow = Compound Bow - Hits like a truck, Does a lot of damage and bleeding
Crossbow = Modern Crossbow - Hits harder, bolts fly faster
Rocket Launcher = RPG - Better explosion, shoots more straight and faster
Revolver = Western Revolver - More damage, shoots faster since you can slap the hammer
Semi-Automatic Pistol = Glock - Full auto toggle
Semi-Automatic Rifle = Lee–Enfield - More damage
Waterpipe Shotgun = Double Barrel Shotgun - Two shots, better damage
Assualt Rifle = AR-15 - Very good recoil, though less damage
Thompson = Thompson w/ Drum Mag - Same thing just factory new and a drum magazine that holds more rounds.
Custom SMG = MP5 - More damage
Bolt Action Rifle = Remington 700 - More damage, bullets fly more straight

The problem with this is that the clans will just monopolize airdrops and make it hard for anyone to get anything, so small clans or solo players will have to fight with inferior scrap weapons.

Also, you forgot the pump shotgun.

Clans monopolize as it is. Wouldn’t be much different. Not to mention once you’ve learned how to make the upgraded version, it wouldn’t matter.

there is the point they shouldnt be able to get “learned”

you get them you have them thats it

Did you read the whole post or did you focus in “Factory new”?