Suggestion - Fallen Cities

Hi all!

I know Rust team will work more soon on map buildings and I wanted to show this idea that maibe you will like it.

Looks simple… or not? its about cities… But most people will say something like "I dont think cities will fit into rust style, so please read carefully this post before say anything.


this its the first example image I wanna show (I know its pretty simple) but I think its not required to draw something better to get the Idea… (this should be a City area top image)

A - Should be the central city Area, the structures on this area, are the one on better condition.
B - This are the surronding area, here the structures should be more destroyed, mostly only hull… provides some cover but nothing else.
C - Remnants, as Rust team calls some areas with scrap that can be salvaged, I guess this should be random but “close” to the city I guess should be more remnants amount near cities that on other areas of the map.

The Squares on the image are examples of what I think should be a medium sized buildings, In the center for example could be 4 medium structures or a big structure (for example one destroyed Stadium, something like a old power plant like old rad towns, or whatever Rust team consider.

I think this could be built in-game the same way the team did the Lighthouse:

1º- Some basic terrain where place the buildins, same way they did on the lighthouse with the base.
2º- Some structures, (heavy damaged) and partially buried for the “B” Areas.
3º- Again, some Structures (medium damaged) and less burried than the “B” ones for the central area.

With this, they could add a good amount of different “cities” areas using the typical modular way…

Height in this Areas

Now, to give more details, I hope you can understand what I mean with this “Height map”

Here, so you can understand What I mean, the green color is the “0” height (lets say the standard ground lvl) while red its some meters under that lvl. (This should be like the old cities with time were burrowed… the external areas contained a bit the land so the central areas are some meters below that the standard ground lvls now.

EDIT: I did another image…


This its the way this idea could have anything to do in Rust.

don’t imagine a perfect modern city on this areas, Im going to use 2 source images so you can get what I mean.

First, imagine this like something you could see in pompeii ruins

but instead that kind of buildings, imagine some more modern but with the same degree of destruction, for example this image from the popular tablegame Warhammer 40k.

…this last picture got the heavy damaged look, and “just building hull” look I said about the “B” Area Structure

Now, to imagine better the concept, add to that mix this images from Plymouth (a city in the caribean island of Montserrat)

Of couse this are just some reference images so you can understand how I imagine the structures semi-burrowed, this suggestion can (and must) follow a more “rusty” concept based on the rust team, but at all, I miss some detail about see more old civilization on the landscapes. Thats why I write this and I think this idea would be good to replace rad tows, and also can fit with already done concept art for the game like the monorail, highways and remnants the rust team did.

Thats all, thanks for your time!

Good idea, but i think they will be adding buildings anyway … im not sure if they are goin for the abandoned town thingy or more like the rad towns/factories as in legacy…

A few more Images I did.

(Some stuff are original rust concept art, like the orange truck, sonal panels, bridge, etc )




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By looking on one of the latest trello threads yes, looks like they will redone some of the structures from legacy, I think they can add more town style buildings random in the map with minor loot boxex, and add this like the old Rad towns, that should have better loot posibilities while also adds more risk (because more players will be interested on it) and can also can be placed radiation here while smaller town-style buildings dont.

*I also think, makes sense that close to old cities will be more interesting stuff/ salvageable stuff.

Not a bad idea, would be interesting if a skyscraper type building was mostly buried under ground so that you could go down inside it all the way to the bottom looking for loot or a base to raid, and there might be deadly mutant creatures to fight for rare items.

i really like that idea grym:)

I expect the bottom few floors would be flooded full of years/decades of collected rainwater unless it’s sealed away from the weather, or the foundations are cracked to shit so the water can drain away into the water table.

Yeah, I like this Idea, but I think the better loot should be on the central structures, because you will be more exposed to be attacked by other players that can be camping or that got more cover that makes valuable (at you own risk) to get in or to avoid the area and try to find some minor loot.

Cough Fallout 4 Cough What? Who said that? …Bethesda!?!

Some urban warfare would be a lot of fun. Dropping rocks on people’s heads from the top of a sunken skyscraper, building 1 x 1 shacks in the bowels of the old world, or just run around thinking your playing a multi-player Fallout.

This would be great but no radiation so we can actually make use of the ruins

I like the idea. maybe differing areas of radiation zone within the City, so some parts can be used and others are danger zones filled with Caretakers or whatever else makes it into the game, so people that choose to make use of the city for whatever reason will have to work to keep it or constantly be on guard…

yeah true, that would give us a reason to use diving gear. Swimming through water submerged areas will get you to an area where the water hasn’t gotten into, making it an area for a potential base or loot area.

I loved this post. All the ideas being brainstormed here sound like a coders/mappers nightmare tho.

I dont find it really hard to be done (the main idea) however add more underground ideas to this can get harder but if this gets builded. You only would need to think about use the same scale on the different structure/corridors so when you use them to make anything modular there dont will be problems, at all the buried áreas done would be only different on the interior area…

At all its not so much difference from this and the lighthouse or any big rock montain model

The trick will be plugging each building block (building or set of buildings) into the procedural engine. Ideally the engine would select a location for the city, level the terrain to reduce glitching, then start building it block-by-block. The dev team could reduce the structures from A areas to make the B structures, then reduce those down to foundations and partial walls for C.

If you knew the mechanics behind it, I’m sure you could identify the template buildings. But by changing rotations and arrangements each city would be different. The visuals would be incredible, and you could even have small medium and large city templates to work from.

I think everything above ground is do-able, and would add a lot to the game.

I did a couple of images more about this. I used also some official concept art.

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Nope… RARE items in rust?? nope… remove the word rare and i agree with you … :slight_smile:

Bottles of water were rare in Legacy. They were for me anyway. I dont see whats wrong with rare items.

With a house, maybe the possibility or renovating it for your own use if you have the blueprints necessary to build the walls, roofs etc of course.

I like the mock ups, they remind me of Tiberian Sun.

I hope they include something like this.