[Suggestion] Firearms malfunctions

So my idea would be to add in an RNG each time you use a firearm, could do one of four things:

  1. Normal fire
  2. the bullet was a dud and nothing happens, requiring you to manually clear the chamber (recock/reload the weapon)
  3. the casing jams while ejecting (would only happen on the semi and fully automatic weapons), again requiring you to manually clear the chamber (could even use the same animation)
  4. the bullet causes critical failure in the weapon, causing the user serious injury and possibly death.

The only difference between the case jam and the dud round is that in the case jam situation, the round still fires (who knows one round could save your life).

The idea of the critical weapons failure would be so that it adds risk to firing your weapon. The better the quality of the weapon, the less likely event 4 would occur. Of course event 3 wouldn’t be a problem with single use weapons or bolt action weapons. This idea would also follow along with the idea of the game because home crafted weapons DO have a much higher rate of critical failure due to poor build quality. Also, as guns age, their build quality normally degrades which can cause critical failure of the weapon and injure the shooter (I’ve seen this happen).

This could also lead to the idea of adding in critical failure risk with the explosive charge because it could add in some X% odds of the crafting going wrong and blowing up in your face (literally). It would give way to scavenging rad towns more than air drops.

It’s a very realistic, and good idea. I support it, but not at this time. Possibly in the future.

Of course, I am not sure how much work would require for this type of thing but I know it’s not something that is “needed” now as there are more basic things required for this game right now.

In my opinion, gun jamming shouldn’t be implemented. The last thing I need in combat is a jammed firearm (or even worse, a weapon that blows up in my face and damages/kills me).
If it does get added, I’d deal with it but I think that the self damage should be left out.

How do you think REAL soldiers feel when they have that problem? I wouldn’t be happy either if I was under gunfire and my gun jammed but it DOES happen. More modern weapons don’t have critical failure nearly as much but if you look at old muzzle loaders critical failures happened a WHOLE lot more compared to today’s factory made weapons.

It wouldn’t be too hard to code
same animations for first 2 even. Use half the animation of the reload animation for it when your character recocks the gun

last one just set a damage amount to be set when it happens like. event TakeDamage(int DamageAmount etc have the gun disappear for time being while a explode animation is being build or just have it as disappears

Rust is a video game, not real life. While it’s good to have some realism in it, too much realism can make the gameplay annoying. Also, weapon jamming is random and it would take away the skill factor if people relied mostly on luck to decide which side gets an advantage.

If they do add these, I think it should be very clear which event has occurred. Otherwise, I might go to fire my gun and wonder why it isn’t doing anything (and perhaps even blame it on lag), before suddenly realizing that the bullet was a dud. Better to have the game perhaps inform me with some kind of prompt or sound effect to let me know.

If this is implemented, there should be a mechanic for maintaining guns. You have to expend resources in order to keep your gun in working order, otherwise the chances of misfiring increase over time.

This isn’t suppose to be a first person shooter, it’s suppose to be a first person survival builder. The idea is to make it so that the people that wanna run around like gun slingers, have MUCH higher odds of dying in battle (and losing their stuff) than the people who just wanna build a town and scavenge for stuff.

People are saying that it shouldn’t be nearly as easy to get ammo. Well even if they make it more rare, it still means that the people that run around raiding will most likely accumulate the most ammo and nothing will likely change. Adding in stuff like jamming and critical weapons failures which kill you, would be a way to balance the game between the violent aggressive raiders and the casual community builders.

To be fair it is supposed to be a survival game, It’s supposed to be based on real life like some sort of bear grylls sh&t or exaggerated life meaning harder to survive than it would really be, an example being if there was an apocalypse right now I wouldn’t be naked, if you understand what I mean by that.

I support the idea of a jam, there should be a difference between being “skilled” which could be translated to having more gear to kill people or whatever but if the other guy takes more reliable gear that is a skill in itself. Just depends how you think about it.

-sidenote, perhaps an example of having more reliable gear is like in metro 2033 or last light, a bolt action rifle would have more accuracy and a bit easier to aim but smaller clip and obviously it’s bolt action reloading, a raider would most likely take some sort of smg so they can jump about and spray people down or an assualt rifle if it’s a group of dudes or dudettes wandering looking for fights, this way it would prevent what is being said above about “people with gear raid and accumulate more” defenders having a simple thing like a crappy but semi reliable bolt action short range rifle could be the crappy piece they need to defend themselves and if you are that type of player then the raiders will just accumulate a lot of rifles they won’t use so, just a thought and a quick one so feel free to pick at it xD

If they added in shell ejection animations, it would be MUCH easier to tell when your gun hasn’t ejected a shell. For the jammed problem, it could show a casing half out of the gun (which is actually what ejection failures actually are).

The idea of maintaining your weapons I really like. It would add a lot more immersion to the game. It’s also something a LOT of the F2P sim shooters have added in.

Oh and of course if the weapon has “critical failure” it would be beyond repair and just disappear. Forgot to add that in.

Soundwise I’d perhaps like some kind of audible, recognizable click for when the gun jams. Not too unrealistic, but an easy way for me to recognize that the gun misfired and immediately reload.

I guess that could work. I have wanted a “clicking” noise for when your gun is empty and needs reloading (trigger pull). Could have two clicking noises. A deep one for when there is a round in the chamber and a high “plink” sound for when the gun is empty and it’s a dry trigger pull.

I really like this idea, but I think that it should only apply to crafted ammo, or have a MUCH lower chance of happening on dropped ammo. My reasoning behind this is ammo crafted by non-professional survivors against ammo that is likely military-grade dropped from an airplane. As for dud ammo, a “click” sort of sound announcing a primer strike but no firing of the projectile would be nice, for jams the round will fire, but not eject properly requiring rapid tapping of the reload key to pull the slide back and eject the shell, and critical failure blowing the gun open causing instant bleeding (due to shrapnel,) but death seems a bit much, though to be fair it would discourage heavy use of weapons as well.

No to critical failures in the M4, MP5, P250, and 9MM. In the homemade weapons, sure.

The jamming would be a good addition as well, but the probabilities would have to be set very carefully

I gotta disagree, it should apply to all weapons. If you have ever fired a weapon in real life, you would know that this kind of stuff happens sometimes. (I am a huge fan of the Ruger 10/22, .22 LR, been shooting it for years, every now and then a cartridge gets stuck and you have to clear the chamber.)

I think he was referring to critical failures, for instance the gun blowing up in your hands. Regular misfires of course should stay.

Well, in a shotgun if you overload the cartridge, it can blow up the chamber or the barrel, which I would think would be possible when an inexperienced survivor is loading a cartridge. I should say that even the modern weapons have a chance for critical failure.

The problem is that critical failures occur, because of the quality of the weapon, NOT because of how it was made. If you have ever fired an OLD gun like a Peace Maker (not a replica), you would know that there IS a chance you’ll lose your hand when firing them. It’s because the metal itself has degraded overtime which can cause structural failures which go critical when you set off an explosion in the gun (i.e. you fire a bullet).

So it really isn’t something to do with the ammo (though that can cause critical failures its own ways) but it is more to do with the weapon. To be honest I think finding weapons should be an EXTREMELY rare thing and they have great quality. But the REST should be forced to be crafted. Even great quality weapons will degrade, and the maintenance kits for those guns should require a LOT more materials than the normal ones.

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Brand new weapons can have critical failures due to defects in the metals. The defect count is incredibly low (probably less than 1 defect in every 10,000 guns made) but they do happen.

The ENTIRE idea behind this is to balance the no-life kiddies who want to run around grieving and raiding. Right now their risk level is obscenely low. The best way to balance it is to create a statistical penalty for the behavior so that it makes them think “is killing the naked bambi REALLY worth getting my own face blown off when this gun blows up?”

Another variant to add to the “critical injury” would be if the gun was being hip fired or if they were aiming down the sights. If they were aiming down the sights, the damage should be instant death (I mean if a gun goes critical and it’s inches from your face, you’re probably going to get injured in a way that you can’t recover from in a post-apocalyptic environment).

However, I’m not sure if the above is possible to do or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was possible, but I’m not absolutely sure of that, we would have to ask Garry.

No reason why it wouldn’t. It’s just a simple switch - if/when a critical failure occurs, is the user aiming down sights or not?
Yes - Kill
No - Injure

As far as penalty count, homemade weapons should have a chance of critical failure of the deadly kind if not maintained (cleaned & repaired frequently), as well as higher chances for general misfire, while modern weapons should have no chance of critical failure, and lower chance of general misfire (and take a metric boatload of materials to make, in addition to requiring the proper equipment to even build one - some kind of weapon smithy, perhaps).
For homemade weapons, it would immediately make sense to the player that homemade weapons have a chance of failure. They’re crappy guns made out of whatever could be scavenged.
For modern weapons, arguably the highest level of weapon in the game, it wouldn’t make as much sense to include chance of critical failure (but general misfires should still be included). In many cases it would be statistical punishment for no reason - having death occur purely by random choice with no way for the player to improve or even completely eliminate the odds is not good game design (at the end of the day, we should always be more concerned about fun than about realism).