Suggestion: Fishing

Why not do something with the water in Rust.
Fishing would be the best thing to do with it.
Maybe Also add some boats?

So what would happen is you craft the fishing rod and use animal meat as bait and then you walk to water and you are able to go fishing.

Leave your thoughts below.

Not on this map, would really not fit, maybe on a map with lakes and such tho

Okay then, another suggestion… add lakes into the map!

I’d rather have a hole new map with better enviorment such as more realistic forest, maybe jungle and snow enviroment etc.

What would be the point of fishing if you use meat as bait just eat the meat

First they have to make sure the water actually works. atm you just fall threw the map when you walk into the water.


Didn’t think of that, maybe something else as bait then…

kill worms and fish with them ?

Maybe they should add small islands that you could fort up in, and then go back to mainland with a boat for more supplies, or make a whole new map with islands, lakes, new enviroments etc…

<3 Unity

Thats a good idea!

Lakes would probably be the best idea, I can picture it being in the current Rust map.

I was thinking about the same thing.

Personally, I would greatly enjoy a map comprised mostly of islands, with the possibility of building rafts, fancy boats, and eventually building on the shore with pillar foundations.

But to stay on point, Fishing might be a great way to give the world a bit more of a feel of survival.
Currently, dying seems to be the main method of surviving (unless you are out on a raid, with all your equipment). If death was more punishing and food was less sparse during early play, whell then we’d be talinkg !

Agree with everything you said there, although I don’t seem to die from starvation often.

Boats would work so well, because so far we have all the items to make a boat. (e.g. Wood, fuel, etc.)