suggestion: flaming arrows

animal fat + arrow or fuel + arrow = flaming arrow. These arrows could used as a shorter dimmer flare and set people on fire when they are hit

Or you know, they could make it so you aim bow into camp fire to ignite arrows.

Awesome idea, flaming pigs everywhere

Flaming arrow’s seems like a great idea!! In addition to flaming arrows, there could be arrows mounted with flares, you could shoot them much farther than throwing, send signals to friends.

It would be defiantly interesting to see a wide variety of arrow types. One arrow which I would love to see in the Kabura-ya or rather the Japanese whistling arrow.
Momote Shiki
This type of arrow could be used for both signaling friends and allies to help you, as well as scaring the crap out of people at night.

How bout glow in the dark nerf whistling football!?
Haha sorry for some reason the whistling arrows made me think of those footballs.

But I really like the idea of flaming arrows, I think it would be awesome to shoot someone house to send a message, even if it did little or no damage, just the look would be cool.

I would just really like to see the bow be given some love so that it is used more. Arrow options would be a great start.