Suggestion - Flare Gun

So I’m sure you’ve all encountered flares in Rust, and I bet a lot of you also have crates full of spares. Here are the reasons why I believe the addition of a flare gun would have considerable positive impact on gameplay.

  1. A common issue in Rust is the inability to find another player, and the ability to fire a flare in the air creating a bright beacon of hope in the sky could potentially solve this, while maintaining the survival-horror feel that a map or a compass simply wouldn’t provide. Because you see, the use of a flare gun would instantly notify not just your target of your location, but potentially everyone on the server! And some wolves. And bears. And zombies. Maybe even a startled pig.

  2. Firing a flare horizontally would be a fantastic way to light up a distant “thing” that you wish to investigate in the night. If that thing turns out to be a player, that player would then be lit up like a christmas tree and at a serious confrontational disadvantage, due to being unable to see you out in the darkness. Then again the same issue as with example #1 occurs, you have now made your presence known to anyone or anything nearby.

  3. Or of course you could just shoot someone with it.

In fact there wouldn’t even need to be a flare gun asset created, it could simply be fired from the existing pipe shotgun. = relatively easy implementation. :slight_smile:

Just make the flare gun replace the supply signal

i would like a flare gun to light up areas at night.

Actually are flare is really usefull, cause ONLY YOU can see the light, if you use the flare in your hands.


Using it to set fire to buildings would be pretty nifty

Love the Idea of a flare gun, it would be quite usable when raiding or being raided, since you’d be able to illuminate your opponents positions…

Id love a flare gun with different colour flares :slight_smile:

OMG! Best idea ever! Perfect for noobs like me that are trying to find my friends!

Yes, because conglomerating at night in a bright light is sure the safest place ever.

love it, good idea

now you would just have people loading up on flares in groups and burning shit down