[SUGGESTION] Flying hackers? Don't let them fly ;)

Ok, my suggestion for this matter is simple…

On the new MAP Helk is working on, they should implement some kind of SKY BOX aswell as FALL DAMAGE so that the hackers can not fly higher then a certain point.
The airplanes that drops the supplys could come after the SKY BOX, and the drops would fall through the SKY BOX into the ground.

I don’t know what is the DEVS position on those big TOWERS with 1 foundation that sometimes are built around the map… But this could actually be measure that would also prevent those.

In my opinion it would only bring positive things to the game.

my 2 cents.


LOL, you of all people talking about hackers? cmon man you’re a cheater yourself.

I only agree with Fall Damage. Not a sky box. This game from what i can gather is about being unrestricted. If you want to waste a lot of resources building ‘Sky towers’ or ‘Stairs to heaven’ I believe that’s fine, If you personally don’t like them destroy them :).

As for the ‘Flying Hackers’, Let them run their course. If we block them flying they can just speed hack and sprint.

But yeah going back i think Fall Damage is necessary adds more realism to the game and consequences for being high up in the air.

I don’t see how a skybox would prevent people who are cheating with flying cheats. These cheats work by directly telling Rust where the player is on the coordinate system. Meaning, walls are no obstacle.

Also I’d recommend not posting that signature every time you post. It might get really annoying.

Also I’d recommend not posting that signature every time you post. It might get really annoying.

I do not see the annoying part of it

Simply disconnecting and setting back the position of a client that moved too far in a specific timeframe would already help a lot - i dunno why the rust developers don’t implement that

I think there are worse problems than people jumping really high… And hackers just aren’t a priority right now AFAIK.

Limiting how high someone builds sounds like we’re punishing builders for something they didn’t do.

rust already has a skybox, you know

Fall damage is must needed at the moment.

I agree, make it harder to escape during raids, make people actually fear something they should.

The server needs to do a check on how fast the player is moving. If the player is going faster then X velocity kick that player. A simple thing to implement till vehicles come into play. By limiting how fast the player is the xyz hack for movement will be useless.

aimbot hackers? don’t let them aim!
godmode hackers? don’t let them live!
speedhackers? don’t let them move!

easy fixes for tough problems

I’ve said before they need to make the game server-authoritative (client only sends key presses and nothing else, that way most forms of hacking are impossible), but if they DON’T do this, there are other things they can do (not nearly as good, and probably still vulnerable, but would help a little):

Limit horizontal movement speed - Check the player’s horizontal ( in the X and Z directions, ignoring all vertical motion) speed. If it goes above some threshold, warn the player that they have been flagged as “speedhacking”. If it happens twice more, the player is temporarily banned.
Limit upwards movement - If the player is moving upwards, check their speed (we ignore the player moving downwards because if they fall from a tall building they could be moving quite fast by the time they hit ground) and if it’s higher than some threshold, warn the player that they have been flagged as “super jumping”. If it happens twice more, the player is temporarily banned.
Sanity check damage - If a player shoots another player, the server performs a sanity check to see if it’s even possible (make sure there’s no obstacles between them). It would also ensure that the damage value is the correct value for the gun the player is wielding. It’s possible for the sanity check to fail in the case of lag, so it shouldn’t warn or ban the player.
Enforce health - The server should be totally in charge of health and damage. If a player dies, the server needs to make sure all of the player’s commands are ignored in case they attempt invincibility cheats.
Sanity check movement - The server should check the player’s movement to ensure the player doesn’t walk through walls. Perhaps check and make sure there aren’t any obstacles between the last and current position. If there is an obstacle, warn the player that they have been flagged as “wallhacking”. If it happens twice more, temporarily ban the player.

These would need to be highly tuned to make sure they NEVER warn or ban a player who isn’t hacking - but still catch most if not all cases of hacking.
Additionally this wouldn’t solve lag-stepping, since there’s really no way to detect whether a person is intentionally disconnecting their internet, or if it’s simply a case of shoddy internet.

Killa do you not understand the extreme amounts of overhead things like that add? Do you not also understand that for an experienced hacker, that it is stupidly easy to override all of those checks, even if the server does it? Do you also not understand the huge gigantic amount of resources it would use having the server do everything? Its not just a matter of “client only sends key presses” theres so much more to it.

Having the server do all these extra checks, constantly (which it would have to) would nearly be like the server ddosing itself, especially if it has to do mathematical calculations like checking if a player is in a wall and the amount of networking would increase dramatically. Then you have factors like desync and lag which could lead to false positives.

People seriously need to stop thinking that they know everything, if it was that bloody easy why doesn’t every game have these things implemented?

1.) Yes I do. It’s a lot of work, and is the reason 99% of MMOs are point and click, so that the server doesn’t need a full physics solution. However, it’s entirely doable. Second Life uses full server-side physics simulation, for instance. I’ve never seen a hacker in Second Life, only griefers.
2.) Of the above checks I listed, yeah of course. If the server trusts ANYTHING the client sends, there’s almost always an exploit somewhere. That’s why server authoritative movement is the ideal.
3.) Having implemented it for my own projects, I know exactly what development work is involved. There’s sending input, simulating input locally, rewinding and resimulating in case of desyncs, and server state rewinding for improved hit detection (otherwise you have to lead your targets).

Does second life have guns?

Yes. Lots of them. Tons, actually. You almost can’t go anywhere without seeing one. Not that it matters, because guns aren’t very resource intensive (except in Second Life, because SL didn’t have the concept of hitscan weapons so the bullets were actual physical projectiles, but I’m willing to bet Rust weapons are hitscan = pretty cheap CPU-wise).
Actually, they’re probably the least resource intensive part of the whole thing. Character physics would be the biggest CPU hog.

Im more talking about bullet physics.

I don’t think there are any. It’s just a simple line trace - see what the line hit, that’s where the bullet lands.