Suggestion for bank system

I’m an old school UO player. I would like to suggest maybe having a few spread out small safe or semi-safe zones with a banking type system to where you could have a small limited slot bank where you can safely store a few items from looters or raids. Something like 5 to 10 slots.

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Maybe a system that is safe from fire but not safe from thievery

I completely disagree. Imo, you and your stuff should never be completely safe.

I think chaos banks similar to Darkfall could actually work out great. No safe zones or anything, but storage vaults of a sort unique to each player. These would always be crazy pvp hotspots and it would also encourage proper civilization of these areas and such create towns and fortresses.

If you want a hidden drop spot where you can deposit or withdraw items that is only as safe from thievery as you make it… the good news is you can make this yourself. You can even include a door and a sleeping bag and suicide over every day to prevent decay.

If you’re asking for safe zones on the map… I would say that contradicts the style and theme of the game.

Metal lockable and low-success lockpickable crates with slow degrade rates would help.

Nope, banks would ruin it IMO.

Rust is a “hide stuff under your mattress” game. The fact that your loot is vulnerable is central to the game itself.

There are plenty of times when I wish this wasn’t the case! :wink: But all things considered, it’s what gives the game its edge.

Hell… I’d even suggest that Rust could benefit from permadeath and no re-spawns, but that may be a step too far for many.

Banks are already in the game technically but it involves trust. One time back in the browser days me and a group of 10 friends created a hotel and bank for a giant server. If players trusted us with there stuff we would store it and guard it as long as we could but we got raided all the time. But ya banks are in the game but you have to be willing to create one yourself and have others trust you with the responsibility to guard it.

Restrictions like that go against player freedom, which is what Rust is trying to accomplish.