Suggestion for Cloth/Leather: Wall Tarps

Would it be a viable addition if you were able to create makeshift curtain(tarps) out of cloth/leather and place it on your inner walling so people cannot peak through the cracks?

Would make raiding a inch harder, having no vision of what is inside.

Sounds good.
But post it there next time:

Actually a very good idea. Would like this in the game asap. More base defenses are needed to be honest to balance the game a little more.


If they can withstand one additional C4 charge :v:

No need to withstand an additional C4. Being unable to see through would mean every single room is an extra 1-2 C4 as they wont know which room has loot in. I like that idea a lot, and maybe a room that has all its walls covered does not require a fire to make the player comfy?

good idea

You can use wood barricades for now.

Yes, Mr. Hills.
Everyone knows it.

The suggestion was directed to having a dedicated wall covering.

Haha, i think this is a great idea. For now I just put Large Storage Crates in every single room in my base. Then i’ll put 5 large crates in my crafting room but store all my crafting materials upstairs in an out of the way spot :D.

Always entertaining to log in and see 6 walls knocked down but none of my materials missing due to crates being everywhere and them being unable to really figure out where the loot is.

Always love it :slight_smile:
Decoy rooms are the best hah.
What I would give to be able to write a message in a scroll, and leave it in one of the chests…

I use sulfur to write


in every decoy large wood storage

Holy snap…
I love you Kane.

And I love you too :v:

True, but it takes up too much space. Something to cover the walls and not take up space would be great.

I think this will solve the cracks issue