suggestion for free voice for those in need. . . .

yo, so the subject here is…VOICE CHAT.

alright so I know Steam works well enough for most people.
But for a lot of others they just can’t be bothered to shift+tab to answer calls, or figure out how to set up/join groups and all that jazz.

I have a suggestion for those of you who own your own server, or even a large group of friends who want a free alternative to ventrilo/teamspeak/mumble/gamevox/etc etc

It is old school, and I haven’t used it since I played wolfteam like 5/6 years ago but lets you set up your own free 200 person voice server.
You have to sign up for an account, but big deal there. Way back when, it did run a little resource heavy. But with today’s computers I would imagine that its not so bad anymore. (I had a less than mid tier gaming pc back then and it ran fine/no loss in pc performance)

Why do I randomly suggest this?

Well, because I had also been looking for a new voice solution.
I know many others are as well and . . . lol. . well because I am kind of tired of all those dang russians/koreans/brazillians flooding the US server chat with text we can’t understand/figure out. lol
(yes yes let the flames of racism/nationalism/ or w/e the heck you want to toss at me begin) lol

But, picking on that aside, it would also be a great help to a group of friends on any server to use an external VOIP so they aren’t “heard” in the game, at their secret base, in some rocks, next to a friggen town, LOL

I am also interested in hearing other suggestions for free voice chat programs meant for gaming/groups (other than skype and stuff lol)

Skype, use it all the time and personally think it’s great. As long as none of your mates have ridiculously rubbish mic’s or background noise you’re in for a winner. I think it’s fantastic.

You know steam group chat? It works fine

Teamspeak and Skype do the job for me. If you use Skype or Teamspeak I suggest you download Overwolf, which is a in-game overlay which allows you to access Skype & Teamspeak without having to Alt+Tab in game

Ive got a 50 man ts server if anyone wants a room on it…

Ventrilo ftw

Steam chat is probably the easiest, but I just don’t like it very much lol.

I usually use ventrilo, it’s simple and works great.

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Ventrilo for life!