Suggestion for Garry and his minions

Reign Of Kings. It is pretty much like Rust 1.0, but more features and is a medieval game. You get swords and bows, instead of a rock and guns.

I just want to suggest that Garry and his minions look at the game, and might want to draw some inspiration from it. Be it what they do good, or bad.

Anyone else played it? If so, what do you think Garry can learn from them, or vice versa?

If you like RoK, then play RoK. I want to play Rust. While there are similarities, they’re unique games. I would rather Rust stay unique and keep its own course.

100% agree!

I was craving a survival/building type game a few weeks ago. I fell into some streamer hype, and bought RoK. I played it for about a week, and got tired of it for the most part.

Since I bought it, Steam was suggesting other similar games, so naturally starting suggesting Rust. I hadn’t even though of Rust since the last time I played it for about an hour back when it was a free-to-play browser plugin based game.

I think Rust has way more going for it. They are pretty different games, but one of the biggest thing I see holding RoK back is the map. It’s way too small. The “King” mechanic is blah at best currently. And the game is absolutely riddled with hackers (or was a couple weeks ago).

Also, the developer has already pretty much abandoned one other game (Starforge). They did so for some legit reasons, but it doesn’t place much confidence in me for RoK either.

Aye, games absolutely riddled with hackers. Each successful guild would have a script kiddie backing them. Have everything from kill commands to spawning items,

LOL, OP got suckered into another code hatch scam.

Wow, how very constructive of you all. I am sorry I mentioned another game than Rust. I forgot everyone her only likes Rust, and only says it is Alpha.

I am sorry for trying to make a discussion about a similar game to Rust. I am sorry that it is similar to rust. I have had the same fun as I started ROK as I did when I started out on Rust. And I thought maybe, maybe Rust could atleast look at what they are doing… But I guess not, I am dumb, I am Funny.

Way to go.

Albeit the game is not as big as Rust 2.0, but atleast it runs better and has more crafting, more unique buildings.

I wanted to get some discussion on those, but I guess none of you are interested in that. Heck, why would Rust need inspiration from any other game, obviously its the second coming of Jesus Christ, and nothing else can inspire it.

**Dumb, Dumb, Funny, Artistic.

People are so defensive, did I say ROK owns and Rust is SHITEH! I dont think so, I asked if Rust could learn something from another game? But I guess not, Garry the GOD, the almighty, I hail to you. You are the one and only GOD. All hail Garry.

(User was banned for this post ("Ratings shit" - OvB))

I am looking forward to mining (I hope it will be added to the game)

RoK isn’t better than what Rust was in 1.0, it just has more unpolished content added, I prefer less but working better than the opposite, Rust had its decent number of hackers during Legacy but damn if it isn’t a child compared to RoK. Why do you get so offended ? people stated their opinion, they don’t want that stuff or do you expect that when you post everybody is going to agree with you ?

I really don’t think they have much to learn from RoK, Rust is over it on every level and it isn’t a game focused on melee combat so I don’t see them adding something like that to it + I prefer the structures the way Rust has them, if I want blocks I’ll just go for Minecraft where it’s only to create and make something totally unique. RoK has the potential to be a nice game but they got to work a lot on it, especially on the combat balance and the way it works, atm it’s only a run around left click thingy.

calm down. ratings mean pretty much nothing.

yes, people here like rust. it IS a rust forum. that doesn’t mean they don’t like whatever the fuck ROK is, but maybe they don’t think rust should be the same. disagreeing with you, it happens.