Suggestion for Good//Evil players

What about developing a reputation system? Good deeds rewarded or noted in one way, bad deeds the other.

One game example is Fable.

Let’s say you kill a bambi who is presumably a much weaker player, you suffer a “bad Karma” point, which may affect something else in the game, like looks or “luck” events, or some other obvious way to warn other players that “hey, i’m not a good guy”. The opposite could be done for “good Karma” points.

Or maybe the game could even announce open trades or kills. like “<playername> <weapon> <playername>” for a kill, or “<playername> has traded with <playername>” for exchanges.

Just thoughts, might even put a dent on the KOS situations.


The devs have stated multiple times they will NOT be doing a reputation system or anything like it. You aren’t supposed to know if some random stranger is good or bad before you interact with them, kind of like how it is in real life.


I typically play nice, but the server that I normally play on recently installed Oxide with PvP announcements. It has severely impacted the way I play the game in a negative way.

Yeah devs said they were not going to add things like these :o

Here’s the link:

About the announcement of who has killed who server wide, I believe oxide mod has that, I have seen it in some servers.