Suggestion for new stairs

Just thought of a cool looking idea for a new set of stairs.

I’ve made a picture to give you an idea of what I’m thinking.

Let me know what you think!

What about spiraled stairs or simple basic straightforward stairs?

I like yours though.

This is nice, perhaps add variations of stairs? Like “Wood stairs 1” or “Wood stairs 2” So people can have different ideas, this is really good, but the game is more focused on survival, then creativity, but im up for it! +1!

this would be a nice edition “Double Wood Stairs”, “Double Metal Stairs”, “Wide Wood Stairs” or “Wide Metal Stairs”

I don’t see it working very well as a building component can’t really be wider than a foundation piece.

2 foundations put together

In order to fix that they need a 2 openings doorway & a wide single opening doorway.

twould be nice for there to be separate footstep sounds for stairs (louder and more like walking on a plank than a wood floor)