Suggestion for partys

This is somethig very simple you go into console and do something like “player.cords true” and it will display your cords so, you can get your firend to send you a message of their cords and you can find them alot eaiser, this will solve the problems with the partys and stuff. What do you guys think?

This is actually a good idea. That would alleviate the idea of “GIVE ME MAP NAO” and actually work great for your friends finding you / you finding them.

I actually am all for this instead of a map. If this were something currently, I’d never even consider a map. Well played.

not sure, ability to do this would then mean I can use the map online far to easly to pinpoint exact locations, instead of resorting to memory, I wont have to look at terrain to navigate just stair at my cords going up or down.

I was ment to rate that agreed but im on my ipad and miss clicked :confused:
But i fully agree and that is my point

That might be so, but honestly… this would alleviate all these damn map requests and make it more enjoyable for people who are playing together so they can actively figure out how to get to each other. Someone would probably construct a map with this… sure… but honestly… someone who would do that has FAR too much time on their hands. I doubt anyone would try to map out the island map thus far with that in mind… it’s insanely gigantic.

Eh, in a post-nuclear meltdown I doubt many GPS units are going to be working. I prefer a topological map like in DayZ where I have to get my bearings, find north and south, and start heading in a direction looking for landmarks.