Suggestion for plane drops

Right now, when multiple crates drop, they drop relatively close to each other. While this concentrates the conflict/action, it also means the biggest group wins and gets all crates. I’d suggest they’re more spaced out (or randomly spaced) to give multiple groups/people a chance of getting one, and providing a contention whether to go for possibly the safest crate (maybe everyone is thinking that?), or the one with the most action.

edit: To clarify, I’m not talking about the location of the drops, I’m talking about how closely they drop together when there’s more than one. At the moment a reasonable group can get all 3, but I think they should be far enough apart that they can’t do that.

They do fly all over the map at the moment so you’ve still got a chance. I know that I’ve grabbed a couple by myself and I am sure others have as well. They can be tagged but yeah there is often big conflicts for them.

Just means that you need to get organized or be ready to die :slight_smile:

Without cars everyone has a fair enough chance, Ive managed to get 3 myself however they’ve all been building Materials not actual parts / blueprints. Still looking for a Metal Wall / Door / Stairs. Last time I did get to a crate I was the only one there and it had all the metal parts in it.

As soon as I ran over to the crate a Car with 4 people and Kevlar appeared. Spreading it out could help reduce the hording of the larger groups that happen to be very lucky when it comes to drops.

This is one of the reasons that I am always against vehicles in this game. Doesn’t fit in.


It doesn’t fit because the map isnt fully implemented and only the people who were lucky enough got the admin to spawn them one…

No, not in my opinion.
Even if the map will be completly unlock, it is not a “huge” one, and even if it was, the point of the game is not to cross huge distances but to settle down and protect your base (raid close one later).
And walking is an important part of the game since you can’t (most of the time) flee from a gunfitght or an encounter.


Last night I was running along minding my own business in Kevlar with an m4, 1 guy appears and he starts shooting at me so I kill him. Then, not even 3 seconds laTer a car comes flying at me out of nowhere, I’m lucky enough to jump over it… then 5 guys in full Kevlar with m4s get out and blow me away… I didn’t even have a chance to react… I thought this was really unfair… Pat was in the server and he spawned a car for them… afterwards some guy was trying to sell me a “car blueprint” for 20k metal. Now weather or not he actually had this “car blueprint” was a different story. My point is that this car business is really unfair. /end rant

If the current size map was unlocked it would be about 15% larger than Arma2’s map FYI, all gameplay currently takes place in just less than 7% of the map.

Thats a nice size, although maybe we wouldn’t need all that much the current “open space” which you can run around in before hitting the rad wall seems to be quite a large area. The only problem is Resources do not spawn throughout and are only condensed into a small area, usually limiting where people are going to be located/play.

Would you be able to give us any news on when you may be planning on looking at changing the resource spawns / adding in more?

Would definitely love this. I just want explosives to be even remotely possible for a lone player to get their hands on and research. As of right now you can show up to an airdrop completely decked out in Kevlar and a modded M4 and you get immediately floored by the 7 different groups also after the crate(s). It could even be an extremely rare zombie drop for all I care. Just some sort of alternative for the paranoid/antisocial folks.

I think the crates should be random spawns also. Not drops to alert everyone to were they are. This would stop hackers from flying up to them and also do more for exploring and give everyone a chance. Maybe have some dropped and some spawned like the wind drug them into a tree or something. As for cars they should replace them with horses that are not as fast and can only carry two people. were you getting the gas from anyway :slight_smile:

Precisely, the whole goal of this would be to introduce a chance that a single player or smaller group goes for a crate that no-one else does. Right now, such a chance doesn’t exist, all groups just head for the general drop area.

If anything, the cars should spawn with like a finite resource or something to limit their use.

If you are lucky enough to maintain security of cars in the game and you are in a group the supply drops suddenly become off-limits in a way people have mentioned within this thread.

I am aware that they are yet to be properly implemented, but at the moment it seems that every time a developer jumps onto a server it becomes a beg-fest for cars. These are just observations on my part but I’m surely not the only one noticing this.

You’re wrong about this. The final map size is very large, and would practically require some type of vehicle for anyone to navigate it.


True didn’t know how big it was till Helk said it.
But still I don’t see why I should be getting over great distances? Everywhere is the same, no point of interest and no “better” place to go (at least for now)
Plus, I just can’t see a car fit in this game.
When I see the images seems to me like a UFO :smiley:


I wouldn’t mind a horse over a car.