Suggestion for possible primary/secondary weapon mechanics.

First off, I apologize if this has been suggested before. I searched the forums multiple times and was unable to find anything similar.

I know that it has been suggested already for there to be an addition of primary and secondary weapon slots, but there are a couple things that I think could make this feature even more interesting.
-Primary and secondary weapons should be visible on the character model. For example, if my primary and secondary are hatchet and bow, while using the hatchet, the bow should be visible my characters back and vise versa.
-Tools and weapons added to the inventory will automatically get places in a primary/secondary slot if there is nothing already in the slot.
-(Possibly too much?) While you can still hold additional tools and weapons in your inventory, you can not directly switch them between inventory and the weapon slots. So if you want to switch you primary and secondary, you will have to place currently equipped items on the ground or in a storage container before you can put something from you inventory into you one of your weapon slots.
-Keep current hotbar for all other items, food, deployables, materials, ect…

Why I think these would be interesting to add to the game:
-Easier to identify whether someone is an immediate threat or not. If someone is naked, you know they are not going to be able to pull a shotgun out of their ass, at least not quickly.
-Makes using guns more risky, since you can not hide the fact you have a gun if you want to use it.
-Does not prevent you from raiding and collecting more weapons

Obviously if these suggestions were added they would probably need a little tweaking to make it work smoothly and intuitively, but I think the core mechanics are fairly sound.

For the love of Gerry! YES YES YES.

“Save a Bambi! Show your gun!”

This would stop a lot of people from playing nude to farm resources or sneaking up and play dirty with true nudes. I really hope this is on the dart bored that Gerry uses to pick out what to work on next!