Suggestion for private/public server hosting.

So I have been playing rust now for just over 120hrs, one thing that I hope gets considered is limit the server max players to say no more than 100 slots. I understand this game is not that demanding on the server or even the connection for that matter, however most people open the server browser and see ok this server has 290 people all day, while the rest of the servers remain empty, even with all the hardwork put into all the plugins and other fun stuff other servers have to offer. Also when playing even on 8k map the largest having more than 100 individual bases takes up most of the map and everyone is stacked ontop of eachother, forcing massives raids 24/7.
Thank you for listening to my post!

So, why do you think it’s necessary to limit servers from choosing how many players they can have? And conversely, limiting players from choosing servers that better accommodate the game experience they’re looking for?

So that other servers have a fighting chance to see players join there servers. This games population vs servers is really really bad. you have thousands and thousands of servers, and 95% of them stay empty. Also limiting the servers to say max 100 slots will improve overall game stability, since we all know GSP load there systems down with as many servers as possible. If someone is running a 500 slot server and is always full just due to the fact that its been around since launch and has players, than how is that helping when someone else launches a server with better stuff? Also having so many players on 1 server will lag it out period. 8k map size is not big enough for more than 100 players with their own base and resources. I run a 6k map and when me and my 14 buddies are on seems like we built on top of eachother already. Also theres not enough towns with loot even on an 8k, which is hurting other players from having a better experience. However since everything is server side people probably do not want to change cause they lose everything.

Here’s a better idea: how about instead of trying to put ridiculous limits on other players and servers, you close down your own server and change that ratio by 15. Your suggestion is based on what you want from the game and would effect everyone playing; not everyone wants to play the same experience as you. There isn’t a problem with servers vs players; if there was, some of those ghost town servers would shut down.

I mean seriously, you complain that there are too many servers and not enough players, yet still made your own server when there are already thousands of them out there.

This wasnt ment to be a rant about my server having low population, but in general. It was an idea and I see you are perfectly fine with 1 server having everyone in it. If thats the case they should shut down every server and just have 1 server per region. Also yes there is a huge server to population problem. At 10:00am central there was a total of 22254 players on based on the server browser, however there is a total of 4836 servers. Meaning 4.6017 servers per every 1 player, that is an crazy amount of people wasting money running servers when the chance of people picking it would be under 25%.

So what you’re complaining about is that people have the ability to make/rent their own servers. Isn’t this something you already admitted to doing? I really don’t see a reason to take that away. Some people want a low pop server, some people just want to dick around with the new mechanics, and some people want to play on 100+ pop servers. You’re making up a problem where none actually exists.

Also, if there are 22254 players, and only 4836 servers, that would be 4.6 players per server, during normal school/work hours. Your math is backwards.

it would be nice to have search filters for the servers. max pop, full/not full etc.

The government don’t limit walmart to 100 sales a day just so your local corner store can get some money in… it’s not Rust’s fault that you’re not advertising your server efficiently.

Edit: Other market cornering store chains are available