Suggestion for Rust

Splitting wood should have a popup menu so you can choose how much u wanna split of it. (1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 30,) so its easyer to fill a fireplace or smelt your rocks.

the headmenu needs to have an option to search for server.
>maybe its an idea to make server owners put information in a screen. and when i player right clicks on the server he goes to that tab. that tab inc if it is a pvp server, or which mods it >has. if starters kit is inc, if sleepers is of or on and the whole list.
>>this can be put into a systeem where players are be able to search A LOT easyer. they can now choose which server they are looking for. as me i started out a week ago whit playing >>rust and after i found out which mods / options where ingame i found myself searching to those servers. but whitin the game u can see the ping, but the name’s are screwed from 9/10 >>servers. and those 1/10 is the name to short to get all information.
–{telling this is a placeholder gives you even more reason to add it, more testers more feedback. and it ain’t that hard.

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It’s hard to understand exactly what you’re saying but I’m sure the server browser will be improved and refined as time goes on…

Quite frankly the devs shouldn’t be held responsible for adding UIs just to help mods, since none of the mods are officially supported.

Also, there’s a suggestion subforum. You don’t want your thread titles to be so vague…
You might want to PM a mod and have them close this thread, just fyi.

mods are supported so the devs should be responsible for that.
i saw more suggestions under this sub forum so that part is bullsh*t.
beside that, vague title? explaining a suggestion as suggestion is Vague?
you make no sense, and if you did read everything and not rushed you would understand every point.
and then you would also understand that this not goes about only mods.
so again the devs are responsible for that.

if you wanna come fuckt up about someone grammer while he does everything he can to even bring feedback over the game and then put him on like this. you are a big shame for the Gold Members.

Woa dude, chill out. I wasn’t trying to troll you or anything.

First of all, most of your first post is garbage grammar, just horrible. It makes it difficult to understand, I don’t even know how you could type that way. I don’t expect everyone to type perfectly all the time but cmon at least put some effort into it so that others understand while you’re “doing everything you can.”

Mods are not officially supported. Just because they work does not mean they are officially supported. Devs have no obligation to do things to make mods work and quite frankly I hope it stays that way. If people want to mod, go for it, but no reason to waste the devs time this early in development.

Posting in the suggestion forum and not using a vague title are just forum rules, I just pointed them out to maybe help you keep from getting banned but sorry for informing you.

Now go away! :zoid:

i’m from the netherlands and i have dyslexia

devs are planning to even bring a item creator into the community.
which will go after all also public. so another reason that they are offical supported.
if you have a suggestion and you put that in your title it is normal.
and no you ain’t a troll. cus you don’t even understand the definition being a troll.
so yes just keep insulting on the grammer. maybe you should go to school and learn mine language.
funny afterall is that you prob from the US or UK or anywhere els where they speak english.
and sinse your not older then 12 you have never thinked or heard about dyslexia.
so think twice before you insult people over there grammar.
and about chilling down. i speak on the same way as you do so i need to tell you to chill down aswell?
as i said before. you don’t make any sense…
he grammar nazi!

“Het kind is tien” is all the dutch I know lol… and actually dutch is rather similar to english.

You don’t understand what a mod is, do you? An item creator has nothing to do with mods, what are you even talking about?

I wasn’t insulting anything, all I said was that your posts are difficult to understand. I’m sorry if you have dyslexia, there’s no way that I could have known that.

Then you go on to make age-related insults and even a grammar nazi, that’s nice.

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We can rate eachother dumb all day, from the beginning I was just trying to give you some information.

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OHHH you’re Desperado?! You sent me a friend request on Steam a couple weeks ago and I had no idea who you were… why did you send me that?

Judging by this thread I don’t think you like me very much. :zoid:

Looks like more people said already that you under 12 when you know that line.

But yes it goes about custom content which is fully supported by rust.

Both are insults. If it is to hard for you to read? what are you still doing here?
You feel youself forced to drop your opinion everywhere you go. Means you got a problem not me.

It ain’t age-related insults it is a fact that kids from 12 who just learned how to write do nothing els as what you do right now.
Beside that did you bring zero information to this thread from the beginning. Only insults then you exspect me to kneeldown?
you get what you asked for. and then about

made this thread 15 hours ago. how can i add you a week ago?
i added you yes. yesterday since it is clear that you wanna talk about private stuff and not this threat.
but your to stupid to understand that. ofcourse you are if you think dutch and english are simular. especially for someone whit dyslexia.
and yes you could have known that, easy. but did you take the effort to try to know it?
make sense dude… and find a life instead of flaming others all day long.

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btw you edit to much kid.
scared you spelling falls out?

good idea. but I propose to split as 1/2, 1/4, etc.

yeah that is what i mean. that when you split (as example the wood) you get a litle popup.
so you choice to take 3 woods of it for you fireplace. or 50 / 60 / 70 for your furnace.
so in fact you can split it in any amount you want, (need at that moment)
i bet it would safe a lot of time on the long time term.

Theo, I don’t know why you insist on trolling me over and over, all I did was post my opinion on the matter.

I had a hard time understanding what you were saying in the first post, I wasn’t saying “UR DUM” or anything.

My biggest point that you will not accept is this:
Mods are NOT officially supported by the Rust devs.

That’s all there is to it. No arguing is necessary because that’s the truth. The sooner you accept that and realize that the devs do not need to spend time working on supporting mods the better for everyone.

To the OP. Sievers808 wasn’t insulting you in his first post. Not even a little. He was courteous and informative. He addressed your questions and was polite. Whether you are understanding what is being said here or not, you owe an apology to Sievers808. He was only trying to help you and you have been nothing but rude and aggressive. Your language limitations are not the problem of the other people on this forum. It isn’t rude to inform someone that you are having trouble understanding what they are trying to say. Any goodwill or understanding you WOULD have had has been eroded by YOUR behavior. Good day.

Aww thank you! My knight in shining armor! :quagmire:
(Not sarcasm… when I reread this to myself I sound like a dick lol)