Suggestion for Rust!

Hey guys,

Thought of an interesting idea:

I know you guys are steering away from the typical “zombie survival” genre. Which I like, however I do believe that it would be fun and entertaining to add something other than bears and wolves that are threats. My thought was something that you did not come across very often almost like a yeti. This idea came to fruition last night, as I was exploring while the sun had already set I could hear howls that seemed terrifying. It would be kind of cool to use something like howls to warn players what might be close by or very far off in the distance. Some could even maybe use the sound to track down and loot from this “beast.”

My idea can relate to the game left4dead if you have ever played it. The moment when you could hear the frightening cry of a witch and did not know where it was coming from, but you could hear that you were getting closer and if it saw you first then you had a mini heart attack as it came screaming and running toward you which was thrilling. The beast could be sort of like an airdrop occurrence (an event that spawns time to time).

Just want to say I am a big fan of the game and look forward to see where you guys take it. You guys rock!