Suggestion for S&box

In roblox each game has their own gamepass store everytime when someone make a purchase from a gamepass store roblox take a small cut from the purchase add this feature to S&box.Each S&box server wil have their own gamepass store when someone made a purchase from a server gamepass store facepunch will take a small cut

Also i got another suggestion make S&box free hear me out first instead of charging for the game charge for the server in gmod players has to get server hosting from 3rd party how about in S&box no 3rd server hosting only facepunch will rent out the server for players

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There’s a good discussion on paid addons

As for the approach of having a more free-to-play monetary model, I think it makes sense for games that have a target audience that can’t really buy things (children), but s&box doesn’t really need to try and build up a player base, since the developers are already popular in the genre already.

Also people would reverse engineer and host their own servers anyways, you can’t really stop them.

Bro it aint roblox, and it wont be.

Anyways, why would servers pay facepunch? Here comes your second idea, Facepunch hosting servers… I see a lot of benefits behind it and even more harmfull and detrimental things… min.

  • We gonna have 20 bagilion 128 slot servers, but all of them gonna have 2 players, and its gonna be harder to find actually good valuable servers.
  • Now it’s gonna be easier to buy VIPs and Private Jobs or something, but they gonna be more expensive because know they gonna be 30% more expensive
  • Now it’s gonna be on facepunch to sue guys ddosing your serv… wait Those are not your servers, they technicly and legally facepunches, arent they?

Your idea is unreal and harmfull for the community and facepunch, it’s going to be benefitial only for some individuals…

You’re not familiar but that’s exactly what Roblox does with servers.

All you do is create the gamemode and upon publishing it shows on their game library, whenever someone clicks play there’s an automatic matchmaking that finds a game for you (this is similar to what s&box wants to do), hosting a new game if no servers are available (upside to this is you don’t have to pay for server costs if you just want people to play a game you made. Core does this too, which is basically a Roblox UE4 clone), but there’s also “private servers” that game developers can decide if they’re free to create or paid. Private servers are very limited in customization and are more like a way to play with just your friends without letting you modify anything from the actual game.

The obvious “downside” to this is that the concept of a gmod server vanishes and instead, gamemodes take the highlight spot (which I honestly prefer but whatever). This makes gamemodes be their own ecosystem/game. Afaik Garry still wants this to be a thing (which is why you register gamemodes on the backend and so on) but the community, coming from gmod, values the server community a lot. It’s two different takes, and garry probably wants both to be a thing within s&box, so we’ll see how it’ll all play out.

As per unified monetization, that wouldn’t work for s&box since I don’t think facepunch has the moderation power to prevent devs from simply setting up a paypal link to donate or whatever, unlike Roblox.

And f2p wouldn’t work because of that. If facepunch can’t ensure that they get their cut, they won’t do it. There’s also no easy way to monetize it with skins since every game is different and will use their own stuff, including player characters but who knows.

@WYVERN I think f2p goes way beyond targeting children. It’s a way to get people to spend way more than what the game would initially cost using microtransactions. Of course it attracts more people by nature, but hooking them so they spend money is the ultimate goal. In sales, it’s not uncommon to give free samples so that people “feel bad” and buy the product in the end (heavily summarized but the point remains), so I assume there’s a similar strategy to f2p games. Or do you honestly believe Dota 2 is a children’s game? It’s a valid marketing strategy and shouldn’t be so easily dismissed, and Roblox making as much money as it does is proof of that. But as I said, s&box isn’t the correct game for that due to the difficulty it will have generating microtransaction revenue, unless they prove me wrong. But even if they have microtransactions, I doubt it’ll be f2p, at least not initially.

so people gonna get more then 2 players if they get 3rd party server hosting also if the game is free there will be alot of players and charging for the server is better then charging for the base game.Also if someone ddos ur server facepunch will have ur back they will ban the person who ddos u.currently in gmod if a player want to add gamepass to his server he first has to rent a domain then he has to host a website then he can either pay someone to make a donation system for him or he can buy pre made donation system that’s a lot of work now if facepunch just give all the player their own gamepass store for their server it will be lot cheaper and easier

i see ur point but hear me out first if facepunch rent out the server for us it will be much better then 3rd party server host if someone ddos u hack u facepunch will have ur back.Currently in gmod if a players want to add gamepass to his server he has to first rent a domain then he has to rent server hosting then he can chooes to pay someone to make a custom donation system or buy a pre made one that’s a lot of work and very costly if facepunch give free gamepass store to every player for their server it will be very easy and cheap i think.Also i didn’t say that s&box should have ultimate matchmaking like roblox where infinite people can join a single roblox game there should be only one matchmaking per server in s&box (unless the player has host multiple server for his gamemode)

Really shitty idea, people want servers, not gamemodes or the hell you call it. People want to play on certain servers and not on different ones min. because they dont like the stuff on one server or something else. And usually here comes marketing, if certain server wants people, they should try to convince people to join it via some bs in the server name etc. oh and server is not only a gamemode.

First of all, the hell is “Core” and why would private servers be facepunches and not peer to peer? That makes no sense at all, literally NO SENSE AT ALL!
Oh and it depeneds on as you called it gamemode in roblox if private servers are higly different from actual game, they can be a fully different game.

Didn’t we had… nu nu nu Don’t we have like 300 unused, random, stupid, 1 player dead server, gamemodes? We tried that before, did it work? Ohh… lemme think as an ex: less go with SCP:RP… Almost all SCP:RP servers are in DarkRP category, aren’t they?..
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

There is no “who knows.” There is going to be totally no skins or other bs or it will flop.

I think that’s sums most of the shit you wrote, IT’ NOT ROBLOX, and it won’t be. The only reason garry’s mod is what it is, is because Facepunch did not give a fuck about it, and let community do his thing, making damm good addons and servers.

Why would you speculate that?

Sooo now… people gonna be forced to pay Facepunch for server hosting? wtf?

Ban is worthless. Anyways, I see you dont know shit about legal stuff with this typo attacks, funny thing. You can sue anyone who ddoses your server rn in gmod… Just talk to an Attorney, your Server hosting (if you use one) and that’s all, most people just decide to dont do that, because usually people who do such attacks are underage in their 15-16s and it would give their server a lot of bad reputation.

Oh and it depends where you live too, but if you have your server registred as a web or just as some kind of company, Im sure you can sue em almost everywhere.

There is a lot of other ways to do that, but yes… this is one of those ways, it is quite complicated but it’s not that expensive or actually worth it. You can just dm the guy send moni and get the VIP in matter of few hours or less…

Oh and this…

Would mean i have to give a certain cut to them? Hell fucking no? Im not gonna give my hard earned money to facepunch.

I do, as well as many people. S&box isn’t Gmod 2. Think of it as a way of creating games and sharing them on the game’s ecosystem/platform. The old “server community” style is fine but it’s also time we explore new (not really new but whatever) territory. No matter how mad you get, it’ll happen. Both can coexist, so why get mad over it?

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It sounds like you just dont understand that it’s gonna flop and it’s a terrible idea, i mean… IT IS GARRY’S MOD v2, innit?



Absolutely! f2p is just a mechanism to provide the lowest possible upfront cost to new users; no matter their age. It’s a tactic used often to obtain the largest amount of players possible, with the aim for you to monetise in another way, be that selling user data or cosmetics.

The main reason roblox uses this method is the fact that most of their clients are children; and even having a small cost of entry can be quite the large requirement for the audience. The revenue model they operate on is to get you invested by allowing anyone to join and play with their friends; then sell ‘benefits’ you can show off and show people. This tactic is used by most of the servers in gmod, since they allow you to join for free, and you ‘donate’ for ranks which have gameplay advantages or cosmetics.

We don’t know the official method they’ll be marketing s&box, as it’s still early alpha. Saying this though, it’ll most likely just be a paid game, since the amount of diverse content is hard to sell uniform gameplay benefits or cosmetics for. (Take Rust for example, where most servers have all the vanilla rust items, so you can sell skins for them).

What I would love to see is the gamemode-first design as you mentioned, since having two areas for differenting gameplay often leads to the larger categories shrinking over time with more focus on the server-side. Take gmod’s current list of gamemodes compared to the actual hundereds of per-server mechanics you can find in DarkRP. It would be cool to have each of these as little gamemodes rather than random community servers. I think attempting to copy gmod’s current system would hurt s&box in the long term, thinking that s&box is a sequal to gmod is quite a closed-minded view.

Most likely is that we’ll see people attempt to recreate their gmod experience, with per-server microtransactions included. I hope we can get some good gamemodes up and running that go against this experience, It’s something I’m planning to implement once I get some free time.

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I agree with everything you’ve said. I don’t know why @ProtOS is so scared of this. There’s nothing better for a “modding” community than the gamemode first idea. That’s how WC3 worked way back in the day (and still does) and it was great. You like a game? You play it. In Gmod it’s really hard to find great gamemodes that people made because just the top servers survive and the rest rot at 0 players.

With a clever gamemode/server browser that promotes finding new gamemodes while also showing the popular ones, you’ll have a platform of mostly free games (I’d assume) for the price of one, and with the flexibility of s&box, they’ll be vastly different and better than what Gmod gamemodes were (which were already pretty creative and good).

S&box will basically be an easy-to-use engine with great and simple networking and a decent playerbase to reach to (much easier than the Steam store, probably). It will become the ultimate tool/game engine to quickly develop your game ideas and see if there’s any actual interest behind them to capitalize later on (or not and simply bring them to life and enjoy them with other peole).



It should only show you Popular ones, and then other ones.

It’s gonna be gmod v2, not a whole new fuck ye idea.

Oh and if you find me scared, fight me irl

I mean theoretically you should be able to sort it by the criteria of your choosing

If you believe this will be Gmod 2 you haven’t seen garry shit on pretty much everyone that suggested we keep things the way they are in Gmod. Stay delusional.

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I agree with the gamepass idea. I was kinda hoping s&box would function a lot like roblox, I really enjoy that style of choosing from a variety of game modes rather than a specific server. Can’t wait for public access!

Yes, and the “default” one should be that one that promotes servers that already have a lot of players.

Bro 90% of this game playerbase are gonna be Gmod players and i dont give a shit about what feautures they gonna add this will be gmod 2. Stay mad.

Why would you want to pay facepunch for your hard work?

All Vips etc. now gonna be more expensive.

Oh and

gonna kill the game, gmod is not a gamemmode game, it’s a Serverbased Game! People don’t want to play on les say cinema, they want to play cinema with friends from one server they know etc.