Suggestion for 'Safe Zoning'

EDIT: These suggestions are perhaps more directed towards the NO-SLEEPER servers where players WANT to progress and develop throughout the game.

As you’re all aware, it’s currently extremely easy to break into bases/houses with little effort, most of the victims being those who are relatively new.

As a proposal to help promote progression and development of an individuals base, I think it’d be fair to implement invincibility timers on interactive objects. These timers would take these factors into consideration:
Whether the player is offline or online. Offline giving the object a longer period of invincibility (2 - 3 days?) otherwise, you’re probably just going to get broken into. 30 minute - 1 hour Invincibility for whilst you’re online?
When they were last used. Effectively resetting the timer.

Other things that need to be taken into consideration:
Building Zone Restrictions
Prevent door blocking but still allow for the ‘laddering’ up and jumping over the wall (breaking in through windows/exposed roofs)

**Building Cooldown Restrictions **
X amount of doors/shelters per X time. Otherwise you could wall someone off completely with doors/shelters. Barricades don’t need a limit, otherwise you’d be restricting their PvP use.
No one should need to build that many doors or shelters, littering the environment.

If a team are really that desperate to raid a certain player, perhaps decrease the amount of storage boxes that can be built within a certain radius. This will prevent mass hoarders and perhaps encourage multiple bases and/or communal bases shared between allies. This suggestion discourages a player being able to hoard a tonne of items and super developed and having a massive advantage in comparison to newer players on the server. Hopefully reduce the number of players that kill anyone and everyone without any concern of their possessions because of the massive bank they have.

Also, increase the period of time you have to open/close a door whilst another player is within the vicinity, similarly to real life, I don’t know how many people are capable of opening and closing a door with someone literally right behind them, this will prevent the player from opening/closing the door to reset the timer. Thus, giving the bandit 30 minutes to prepare the raid. If the raidee chooses to log out, they’ve simply sacrificed game progression time in order to save their items/base. I’m not sure how this should pan out.

That’s all I’ve got for now, will add more later if I can think of any. Please let me know what you guys thing about these suggestions!

No, sorry, you have some options:

  • Play in a no-sleeper server and logout with your important stuff.
  • Build more small bases with only one small box inside. People won’t waste 2 c4 for a small box.
  • Build a big house but keep only one box per room, is more or less like the previous one, people won’t waste c4 for only one box per room.
  • Try to make friends. If you piss of people, they’ll come to you eventually. Is not fair to have any kind of invincibility or safe areas.

You can make your own safe area. Go to an unpopulated area of the map, make a house in the middle of the forest (I’ve seen houses that you needed to be like 5 meters close to notice them) … but if you want to disconnect from the server and be safe for 2-3 days … where’s the survival part?

About blocking … I would do something like being able to build a foundation blocker so once you put it somewhere (attached to one of your foundations) a foundation wouldn’t be able to be placed there. That would make possible to build a house without all the stupid foundations with a pillar in the middle around the main building just to protect you from griefing.

i can’t even imagine the creative shit griefers would do with invincible building material lol

Not everyone is able to play through all hours of the day, most players seem to have uni, school or work commitments and have to leave for periods of time. What use is there starting from scratch after being completely raided because you had to walk the dog?

Where’s the progression in that?

Why bother surviving?

Also, as the server progresses, C4 and other explosives will become more and more abundant throughout the game.

Limit the invincible building items. Right now, you see plenty of doors and ramps being used to grief others houses.

I have played this game for arround 8 hours right now and only died a 2 times from being shot at or killed in sleep. Gt myself a m4a1 and some armor (before the reset) and already some kevlar on the new server right now. Just build your house away from resources or atleast in a space where people don’t see it that fast. Get metal doors bla bla you know the drill.

Naturally, that would work, but eventually, servers are going to be populated by more and more players (you would hope so). I’ve managed to get my house completely racked twice whilst out in the middle of nowhere, despite this, I didn’t lose a lot but it’s still frustrating.

Honestly though, I find it a miracle you can play for 8 hours and only get ganked once.

The only thing that should be limited is the griefing …

There is NO POINT at all on having invincibility on some structures just that you can be safe when disconnecting. They implemented it as a persistent sand box and that’s what is.

Well, Australians haven’t had the pleasure of being able to play on a No-Sleeper server yet, I guess most of these suggestions are directed for mediocre ‘No-Sleeper’ servers rather than the ‘hardcore’ servers most of us are playing on.

I guess that right now, it’s comparable to Hardcore PvP Minecraft servers.

I can honestly play for about 2 hours, get a house set up, and be perfectly fine. I don’t understand why people complain it’s so hard, it really is not.

If you are having trouble keeping a base up an dying, this probably is NOT the game for you.
If you are crying because you never get the chance to “build” your house, go play minecraft.

I’ve lasted a week as a lone wolf and even built a base with 5 floors.

With that said, sooner or later you’ll get raided and/or griefed by Bandits.

Yup, this game is not for you kiddo. Perhaps a game that is a little slower would fit you better. I think there may have been PvE servers that might work for you?

I’m sure once the client-run servers come out there will be many player-run servers that will have things like safezones and what not.

People that make these threads always get bashed with “this game isnt right for you if you dont like being raided”, Do you not fucking understand that we dont care about being raided/griefed/killed? Its the fact that it can happen while we are not even playing the game, People say the game is about surviving and if you dont like that dont play well how can i survive when im not playing the game? I love when a group comes to my house and tries to raid it when im online because its quite fun but when i log on and all my shit is gone because i had to go to school/sleep/work thats no fun.

I say have sleeper servers and non sleeper servers and have it so when you log out you go into “sleeper” mode for 5 mins to stop combat logging on the non sleeper servers, Its such a easy fix to make everyone happy.

No, you wont be able to play all the time, which also means not everyone else will either. You could come across a house with a sleeper just as easily. The challenge is in surviving and progressing. Just how there is an opportunity to lose all your equipped gear there is an opportunity to lose your house as well. If you do then use that as a learning experience. Don’t play unless you give yourself enough time to set up a proper house. Use metal doors and plenty of them. Place your house somewhere else… You should be able to learn from every bad experience that happens. In that sense you are always progressing even if you lose your stuff, it should be easier the next time

Except in PvP servers where progression is almost non-existent for extended periods of time.

I burst out laughing there. “Challenging”=/Not wanting to progress in the game. Sleepers add a layer of challenge and danger to the game, making victory all the sweeter when you reach it.

As for your suggestions, they seem to be geared toward limiting “griefing” in the game. In my opinion, “grief” in a PvP game where you are literally trying to fuck over the other people around you doesn’t exist. So, I’m going to have to disagree.

I think only one idea in this thread should be added to the game. Lnxa said “on no-sleepers servers should be 5 minute sleeper for combat logging”. It should be added as fast as possible.

BTW. Rust is game, where if you want to survive you must build OP big house whose will survive every raid. 5, 10, 20 metal doors, 3 layers of wall, 4 floors, etc. Just build a real stronghold. This will secure you for a night and a time when you are in school, work, etc. You can also just find a team/clan where few players will always be in-game and will guard clan house. For example few players from America and few from Europe ;> You can also put few Australian guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If something isn’t understandable sorry, but my english isn’t perfect :wink:

I’m sorry, but Safezones in such a small map would take a giant shit on this game.

EDIT: Starting is kind of frustrating at times, but it makes thinking about positioning and alliances that much cooler.

Despite all the hate in this thread, I’m going to stand by these ideas for not-so-hardcore players. I find that it’ll be a shame and waste having the game incapable of accommodating the hardcore PvP player as well as the mediocre PvE player.

I honestly think that not only I, but plenty of others, would like to see environment and economical development in the game rather than just having to rely on numbers and time-zones. For a lot of players, pure-PvP serves as an impractical way of playing the game. Minecraft I daresay is hugely successful because it accommodates those who enjoy hardcore PvP, PvE and those who despise combat all together.

Judging from a majority of these comments however, most, not all, players here prefer the standard hardcore PvP aspect the game has to offer.

I’m sure when Minecraft was in development, most people did not expect clan and hyped combat systems.

You must be terrible at building bases is all I can say. I have had my house semi-raided before, but it would take like 50 c4 to raid it, so people give up shortly, or just see how massive it is and don’t even try.

My current house has been going for 3 days without a scratch in a pretty populated area of a populated server.

Its not that hard! At all.