Suggestion for server hardware

Alright, so I am a long-running server host for gmod which has finally gotten sick of hosting on little dual-core 4gb ram machines. Currently I’m setting up for a hexa-core 3.3ghz 16gb ram dedicated server, and my one question is about PhysX. I haven’t used an NVidia card since my old 9800gtx, and I’m trying to figure out if it would be beneficial to run a gtx470 in my server running physx, so that it can take some load off the CPU when there are a lot of collisions etc. happening on the server. Our clan typically plays space build and we go a bit heavy on the warships and mechs…

Anyone with recent experience with NVidia / hosting physics intensive servers, your suggestions would be appreciated! I’m not exactly concerned with budget obviously, just don’t want to put $250 into something that will hardly be noticeable in the server.

Source does not use physx therefore getting a card is completely useless for it.

Is there any way that I can improve physics performance then? I’m already getting the (second) best cpu on the market.

Sometimes lots of little machines are better to run than one massive one. Then again older machines generate more power than one recent one.

I’ve never used a PhysX card in a server so I have no idea what it’ll be like. I can’t imagine it being very beneficial though unless SRCDS can take advantage of it.

Srcds can’t take advantage of it sadly so it’s entirely useless.

Any intense amounts of collisions will bring any server to its knees, even if you have the best cpu on the market (keeping in mind that srcds can’t utilize that many cores). Tell your members to learn how to use the parent tool and watch your server crashes become less and less.

Alright, thanks for the help! Now I won’t go blow a couple hundred on useless hardware.