After playing the game for a few hours last night, I like what I see a lot and see a huge potential here. One thing, so far, that I have thought that might add to the game could be female characters. Also, reproducing. After all is said and done you may end up with a family that you have to provide for, feed, protect, etc. which could increase the difficulty of the game tenfold, but once you have a safe structure and resources down, it would absolutely be doable.

One thought I had would be that there could be a male/female character selection in the game and you would have to partner up with another character. The reproducing/children would obviously be NPCs, so that could be out of the question. Just an idea that other/you can expand on.

Also, maybe if animals were able to be domesticated/farmed for further resources? Say a wolf as a pet. Pigs within a small fenced area to reproduce and thus create more pigs. Cows, etc.

Great looking game so far!

Dude, I realize how you would like to “do” people ingame, but if people who “did” chicks spawned children, this game would contain a huge number of children.

Character customization is ofcourse not finished, but is most probably being worked on of course.

Adding a girl model would probably increase the playerbase tenfold tho, but would after a while require people to spawn in underwear most probably.

The game is somewhat of a team-experience really. If you found a chick and decided to have a family, your family would be murdered and mutilated somewhat quickly. And I think child-killing in games was removed pretty much after fallout 2.

Also, the ammount of prostitution ingame would be TOO DAMN HIGH.

HAHA, well I didn’t think about all of that. And I wasn’t thinking of some sort of graphical act of “doing people” so I guess you have a valid point. The nudity makes it more realistic. boobs FTW, but yeah, kids, etc would kill that off real quick.

Adding female characters is planned (and a reasonable proposition) but creating children?! Really…

(also please avoid all caps titles)