Suggestion for the Gmod Material tool(DEFAULT ONE)

There needs to be a scaling, rotation, and presize(Tile, strech, center(No resize, just put in the middle)).

Small suggestion ftw XD

I fully support this idea.

I was gonna post this, but you beat me to it by 2 days. Should be similar to hammer’s scaling system unless someone can come up with another method.

I think copying the material from other props/vehicles/etc should be added too, I find myself searching for a matching material for several minutes.

Somone materials are attached to the model, and don’t have a material path.

Uhh, no…

All models have material paths.
If they don’t they, would have the null texture.

Goldsource did use that method of packing the textures inside the mdl.

This is Brilliant!, one of the best ideas that I heard today :smiley:


Ive always tought to myself, What if the Material tool was like the hammer Face Editor.