Suggestion for the train tunnels

If the underground train tunnels had additional passages / caves with places to build and small localised UNPOLICED ‘safe’ areas around barrel fires in stations (so you could engage in combat then skip into them for safety making these easy areas for the local population to secure and hold against infiltrators) then a whole community of underground hobos and hermits could evolve on servers… A place for the nakeds and solos to crawl into, claim and team up in small communities while avoiding the big clans on the surface

This would make it easier for large servers to host solos / roll players and chads / teams simultaneously, even providing the solos and RPs with a piece of the map they can think of as their ‘turf’ into which clans and chads will have to be a bit more wary when they venture down to use the transport network…

This should broaden server appeal, increase populations while pushing up player retention and reducing new player churn