Suggestion for zombie placeholder (VAMPIRES)

VAMPIRE NPCs (as opposed to zombies)

Vampires can turn humans to vampires (but will most likely kill them)
If human gets infected… must seek cure or turn vampire
If vampire, must feast on blood of humans
Since vampire doesnt need to cook meat it doesnt need a campfire. house (or lair) will be dark, so nightvision could be an automatic vampire ability
Humans can still kill each other, but hopefully focus on vampire threat
Vampires move very fast and kill fast, so wouldnt need guns
Penalties for vampire include damage if out in sun or even death. also radiation kills vampire faster (basically stuff so not everyone would want to be a vampire)

The twilight fad is pretty much dead, time to make it cool again what you guys think?

hmmm… I’m not too sure on this. This is a survival game, with radiation, I’m not sure if vampires would really mix in this game. Creative, but perhaps not in this game.

I thought the exact same thing. An atomic bomb could have wiped out life, making vampires come out of their caves. But i don’t think they are looking for a story or anything. Sort of like a minecraft “here you go figure it out” approach

Vampires? Lol, no. Vampires are essentially zombies but less terrifying. Why would you want that?

I rather prefer the zombie replacement to be mechanical zombie-like creatures.

Yes, I think the vampires aren’t good for this game, because it take inspiration from S.T.A.L.K.E.R why don’t take mobs idea ? Like animals mutated or human mutated.

Yea i see the radiation as the biggest obstacle

What the fuck are you thinking

why would you want this

this is not the route Rust is going for

NoobSauce I think this picture take too many idea to fallout :S

The best route is a balanced game. Right now KoSing is the biggest problem in survival games. Saving bullets for vampires could be a good thing. If i changed vampires to zombies would that please you

No vampires at all

they’re dumbed down zombies


I posted this in an earlier thread, but hey then again so was everything else here. I think that when a zombie does kill a player, that players dead body should turn into a zombie (possibly even a stronger version since it’s “fresh”) and be there for other players to deal with. This doesn’t turn the player into a playable zombie, just their body spawns a new one where they died. Also zombies should be able to damage structures, that way abandoned houses go down if given enough time.

Vampires would be fucking dumb.
They’d all just fucking die at daytime.

They’re not going to be zombies in the final version so why bother programming that?

Wow, great automerge.

replace zombie with whatever it becomes… based on there being radiation and whatnot it will still likely make sense for it to be a disease that can spread…



sarcasm off yay @ 9 year old threads

Giant Robots?

Pretty sure radiation =/= disease.

How about we just stay with zombies?

oh god no

Im 23 and i was actually thinking this should be marketed toward 10-13 year olds. Theyre the angry bird players. The minecraft players. DayZ is meant for us older people, but it will never compete with games meant for the younger players. Also younger players have more imagination and can make the community more roleplay based instead of a large deathmatch