Suggestion: Friends List/Nametags

I think it would be nice if there were some sort of friends list that would maybe change the color of your friend’s nametag over their head, and maybe give you some more range on how far you can see it. Currently you literally have to be staring down the other person’s shotgun before it even comes up. I’ve lost track of how many times me and my friends will either get killed because we assumed the guy to the side of us was the other, or we ended up killing the other because some guy starts beating one of us down and we can’t keep track of who to hit (both naked).

I understand that the paranoia is part of the game, but it’s starting to have a negative effect. I’ll run out into a field and start gathering resources, then the next thing I know I’m getting shot at by my neighbor because some other naked guy killed them, then the chain of retaliation and raiding starts.

I think names would be a good addition within a certain range that isn’t directly right in their face.

Friends list displaying their names from further away would be nice too, or if you were scoped in using a bolt action. That would be awesome.

It would be nice to have a map too so you can see where your friends are on the map, but I doubt that would be added. A map in general would be nice even.

They are removing name tags and not adding in any things like clan tags. Learn to work as a team and communicate and you will have no issue.

I agree to a point, however part of the game’s overall feel is that you can be a turncoat at any moment and completely rip off a bunch of people you’re playing with. It would be hard to implement without having a negative effect.

However in saying that, they way teams are handled in Terraria make it easy to play as a team and quickly switch your alligance.

This is being suggested ALL OVER the Rust forums…

You’re going to get two types of responses:

1.) “No. That’s retarded. Place a bed you noob.”


2.) “I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. So sick of walking for almost two hours to find my friend just so we can start a base on a server”

I personally agree.

We don’t need any FF-disable shit on our friends or anything… I just want to join a server with a couple friends, get to each other ASAP, and build a base… Right now it’s hard to keep track of one another AND find where people are in the map.

“Learn the landmarks then noob” I keep hearing - when you work an EMT job, you don’t have time to learn the entire map! haha.

We need some sort of friend-beacons… or nametags for friends on our STEAM friends… or an ingame friends list… or just a simple party system that simply adds a green dot above your friend’s head…


You can’t just dismiss this with a crappy learn to play argument…

You can’t always use voice, you can’t always stop and type, removing the only way to ID people is retarded. In real life you can easily recognize someone you know within around 20m without an issue so why would removing nametags make sense?

Best response. I agree.

Sorry, but I fail to see how communication would help when you have 3 naked guys with rocks running around dodging swings left and right.