Suggestion - Friends List

What are your thought on this guys?
You think they should add Friends List/Party System?

yes/no. I would like it so you can see if your friends are online or not. I would not however want something that indicates who your friends are or not, that is what dyed clothes are for.

Yeah it would be cool just to see who is online, but if it serves other purposes like indicators like Snapster said, I would not enjoy that :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say no.

The idea of Rust is a survival game. I would rather struggle to find my friends, than know if they are online. Makes the game more fun in my opinion.

Well, when the game comes out I expect it to be integrated with steam. So that solves the Friends List part.

involving friendly fire incidents, i think players can have like some kind of symbols on their clothes or a died kerchief so you could know who is ur friend. Or are the devs already planning to add that.

Good Idea. Select “add friend” (bullet), put players name in blank space (aim at player), send request (fire)

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer :smiley:

Attacking another player in Rust is like saying Hi.

Have a friendlist just to see who is online and not, to msg easier and to add perms to doors

It has some benefits however I see no point. Once again I would rather struggle to find my friends, then know they’re online with their exact location. Makes the game more realistic :slight_smile:

I don’t think you should have any way of tracking or communicating with people who are not around you unless they put a radio or walkie talkie(and even those have a limited range) or something like that in. If I am getting the right impression, they are going for a semi-realistic survival type of game, I think that global communication would ruin it. If your friend goes out into the woods at night in real life, you don’t have a magic list to click on and see if he’s alright. I don’t want to see anything rob the player of being afraid.

Yes and no.

I agree about the whole no online part, but i think it would be nice to give them permission to use doors, and maybe directly trade (so that someone doesn’t come by and grab all the bags on the ground), and give them permission to use boxes (if they ever make some sort of padlock type thing or maybe a safe).

I really don’t think that doors should be owned. They can be locked, and you get a key that you can duplicate for friends with some crafting procedure. I really would like to see stuff you build just be part of the world. This way if you are just starting out you can find some of the previously built stuff and take it over, destroying and replacing the door. I just think it would add another level of intensity to the play.