Suggestion from the capn

Hello there everyone, Capn Vane here and let me just say I am loving the game and bought it the first week it was put on steam. I am not much of a typer but, a browser on forums but, I am liking where this game is heading ad hopefully in a good path. Sorry for a first post but, this idea popped up in my head and the sever I play on is on the east side of the USA called Sanctuary. Lot of good people there and lots to do. We organize alot of stuff within the server and keep the server mod free with the vanilla extract tehe. Anyways! we got to talking on the server last night and my group I roll with which is my pirate crew called the Rangers thought about how much of an effort it is to go out into the valley and hunt and gather. Yes it is a task and I understand that the island is meant to be that way but, there was alot of people thinking hey? What if we had some sort of transport. Now I am not talking about run and gun full automatic humvee with 25 machine gunz attached to it. Lets make it simple since the land is harsh why should we get nice things? Now I do agree that maybe in the future we could have rare vehicles of some sort that has a low spawning rate but…what about horses? what about boats so we can travel around the waters of the island? Or maybe we could make a wooden/metal cart for transportation that requires a list of mats and fuel in order to operate and maintain it? My first choice was the horses by the way and I know if i would have searched this someone already would have made a suggestion about vehicles. I just think it would be an exciting and great way to travel! Kill bears to get leather and also mine rocks to get metal to make a horse saddle. Then go into a valley that is well known to have horses and try to rope one in. Have it to where it takes a certain amount of time to tame the horse. The possibilities could be very useful such as; horse stables, pastures (if farming is brought in) and etc… So I would like to hear what yall think about this and please feel free to provide some useful feed back or opinions.

Thank you for your time,