[Suggestion] global.sayto for MOTD use etc.

It would be nice to be able to issue a “global.sayto user123 Welcome to the server. These are our rules.” instead of spraying the message out to all players when a user connects using global.say. We use a script to watch the server via RCON for logging and stats etc, and it would be good to enable that script for directed MOTD functionality. Right now we don’t use global.say as it would get annoying to all users when receiving the MOTD on every connect. :hammered:

Either that or enable a MOTD variable we can set that’s sent to the user once they connect and then wake up. The first is more flexible, warnings, etc.

Thoughts? Feelings? Does enabling this kind of thing take the server away from being Vanilla to nearly but not quite Modded?

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Just a trailing thought on this one, I am aware there is a server.description on the way for the server listing. The global.sayto idea is more a method for admins to be able to send a targeted message to a single user privately for whatever reason. There are many uses for it!