[Suggestion] Gold Coins

Hi, i and others on my server often enjoy trading with other people. While trading with other people requires a certain amount of trust and security and trades can go wrong, one of the more frustrating things about trading is that there is no central resource that people desire or will trade for. Going out and gathering resources only to find you can’t sell them for anything until someone who needs it AND is willing to trade comes online. Trading would become a much easier task if we had a central currency we could all use.

My suggestion is that gold coins be added to the game. Mining nodes would rarely drop gold dust when mining, which can then be smelted into coins at a rate of 100 dust = 1 coin (this allows decimalization). The maximum stack of dust would be 100, to prevent people not bothering to craft into coins. Coins would have a maximum stack of 1k. Like in real life, gold has no intrinsic value, but is used a display of wealth. To give gold this same value in the game you could create a way to gild your house with your hard earned gold or perhaps gild weapons with it. It wouldn’t improve your base or weapon in any way whatsoever, it would just be an sign of wealth.

Welcoming any and all critiques to this idea :slight_smile:

Current issues i see with this is people not bothering to gild their bases as it is a big neon sign that the base is worth raiding, making the gold worthless. Also the rate at which gold is mined and gold is spent would need to be roughly equal to prevent inflation.


Actually, if using gold coins in the manufacture of pickaxes and hatchets would improve their gather rate by 10%, they would always hold value to every person. There would be a constant cost to repair gold tools with gold as gold is mined, meaning inflation and deflation would occur but only minimally as the rate at which you collect gold dust would be similar to the cost of repairing the tools. People would end up gathering with regular tools to sell the dust/coins to others.


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Why not? How do you think it would affect the game?


idk what server u are playing on but from my experience ppl always wanna trade resources.

Couple corrections to be made. First, gold does have intrinsic value in real life. It’s used extensively in the medical, industrial, and electronic fields to name a few.

Second, adding gold to our tools would make them worse. Gold is a soft metal, smelting it with iron would weaken the iron.

Third, creating a resource that has no other use than trading is a guaranteed way to support inflation, regardless of how rare that resource might be. Few players would waste the time to apply this on their weapons or bases if it didn’t do anything for either, and they definitely wouldn’t trade usable resources for something that was absolutely useless. With absolutely nothing to offer, and a meager stack size of 100, they wouldn’t bother making it into coins, they’d just throw it on the ground.

Yeah its used because its nonreactive, conducts electricity well, and has antibacterial properties. Granted its pliable and wouldn’t do much for a hatchet or pickaxe is a real life but its just a reason to give it value in game. I suppose you could just switch from “gold” to “titanium” or something. Maybe even a made up material.

If it had the use of increasing the gather rate of tools by 10%, it would have value. The average amount of dust collected per axe would be roughly the same as it cost to repair the same tool from 0%, so mining with just regular pickaxes can be done to sell the dust/coins on. The gold/titanium/mithril/whatever pickaxes would be a luxury item. Certainly not needed to progress, but would create a currency that everyone would find useful. Clans would have stacks of gold from mining for sulphur/metal and would easily trade with traders on the server for the things they needed.

I just think it would be nice to have an economy in the game.

Switching from barter to currency involving an otherwise useless item requires some kind of guarantee that the item will retain its artificial value, or else it becomes a game of hot potato. Not only does Rust lack the level of social interaction required for an economy, not only do most servers lack a stable central resource authority to enforce value, but trade itself occurs rarely and has limited impact. Someone always wants to set up some shop, or become a “Wasteland Trader”, but it fizzles out.
Why? Because this is a PVP sandbox. Because everyone wants the same things, ultimately, and everyone has similar access to get those things. And if you do need to trade for a rare item you can’t get from a drop, it’s likely a one-time affair to be added to your crafting list, and that’s not the basis for a “trade system”.

I suggest doing a forum search for “currency”. You’re not the first person to suggest these things, and if you could catch up on the conversation, it’ll save a lot of time. The short of it is: metal frags are already the preferred currency of Rust because of the myriad of uses they provide and they already exist. Creating a new resource to fill a role that’s already filled is just a little pointless.

there are other things that are/could be used as currency that are already in game, and have actual uses. i’ve seen bullets used, but more typically it’s wood, metal frags etc.

it’s not that i disagree with currency as a whole; i just don’t see a point to adding “coins” to the game that literally have no other worth than being coins. it’s a bit like giving people in rust credit cards, it’s only worth what others are willing to trade for it.

Might I make a suggestion, decentralized currency somewhat like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,Litecoin, Dogecoin and so forth.

Those are virtual currencies on the internet… not very useful in the post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Any discussion about currency and trade must have as a prerequisite the acknowledgement that the server is not an entity, it cannot “keep track of” or guarantee the authenticity of “funds”. You’re in a sandbox, there are items/resources… and to a far lesser extent, services able to be provided. How players go about exchanging those things, if they even bother to do so, is a big part of the point of Rust.

Okay, there would be a universal currency. Have you thought about inflation, exchange rate. What if someone goes and throws all of the servers coins into the ocean? What if someone has all of the coins in the world and people say “Fuck you”, and go back to regular trade and bartering?

Using coins to upgrade tools?! I’ve heard some suggestions that are pretty far out there, but this tops most of them.

This is just an overall useless item if it were to be implemented.

What you mean like in real life?

Why would that be “far out there”? You’d be upgrading the tool with the material, not just stapling coins to it…

You already said it wouldn’t have any impact on the functionality of the tool, nor should it… being relatively soft metal. So your definition of the word “upgrade” in this case is a functionally useless cosmetic change with no intrinsic value whatsoever. And it if has no value, it won’t be accepted in trade.

Because Facepunch takes such a random, dart to the wall, “what should I work on this week?” approach to software development… it actually scares me, the thought that they might waste valuable cycles sifting through all these ideas that would see less in-game use than the eoka pistol.


well rather than wasting more time with logical argument, i think this is going to be more useful:

i would not use a currency in game, but trade in bullets, resources and gear. currency is only valid where there is a higher authority ensuring a fixed value; from my perspective making my axe a little bit better would not be worth the same as having enough res to quickly upgrade my base, bullets to protect myself, and gear that will come in handy in the future such as armour and health. i certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to produce it, and it’s unlikely that i would actually trade for it.