Suggestion: guard dogs

If the developers are removing the military spec guns from the game and keeping it more caveman style then I think using animals as weapons / defence would be pretty sweet. Obviously these animals need to be looked after so they come at a price. They also require training to be either attack dogs (come with you to hunt) or as guard dogs (stay at home and alert you of trespassers).

What do you think?

I like this idea greatly. Something to guard our sleeping bodies.

I was thinking a pheromone of sorts. Attract (spawn local) animals near a structure. You still have the ability to be attacked by such animal, as do your intruders.

why does everyone think that the game is a caveman style game when it isnt, it is a survival game and thats it with military weaponry as a place holder

i already have pets in game !

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my Doggies just killed the stranger !

Cavemen are quite familiar with the term survival. I say caveman style because the games direction needs to come away from the huge towers, everyone in body armour tooting automatic guns to more of a camping holiday in the woods and you lose your car type game. If I wanted to play the first, I’d carry on playing GTA.

Caveman might be the wrong way to describe it. Bear Grylls maybe?

sounds interesting

Why does everyone think that lol? Because that is what Garry Newman (the creator) said it is…

You aren’t the one that judges about the game.

I would like to see where he sayed it
Up to now i never saw him saying he want this to be caveman style
and if he want that why are they going to add a heli?

Yeah I’m pretty sure the revolver and BAR, with a heli on the way, are some strong indications that this survival game with caveman like nudity isn’t going to be a caveman survival game with nudity.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you meant by that. Mind elaborating?