Suggestion:: Hang Gliding

If in game you could craft hang gliders and jump off a tall mountain or hill to travel, that would be awesome.

I highly doubt it would happen for a very long time; I assume there is much high code priority than that.

but it seems feasible with a crafting survival game like this. hang gliders!

Sounds interesting. It would require a ton of cloth no doubt. I don’t see an advantage to it though, besides a fast means of transportation. If anything, it would just make you more noticeable.

Not Far Cry 3 :slight_smile:

30 half naked cavemen trying to hangglide to an airdrop before the kevlars. As long as we can set it to orchestral music, I’m ok with this.

When I think survival game, hang gliding always comes to mind.

Just gonna put this out there. It seems like this is a suggestion from Nether.
They’re planning/already added handgliders.
They recently released this info as well. But it would still be a cool idea.