suggestion: having the ability to create signs.

Not sure if anyone had suggested this yet, but it would be great if we could create signs such as warning signs for example: if they trespass they’ll be shot or a sign of a friendly neighborhood. Thanks.

Would certainly be cool/useful - it was something I spoke about with some friends the other day!

its on the community speaks out topic. Yeah I agree though would be nice

Yep I’ve thought several times in-game it would nice to be able to plant a sign. Also the ability to label boxes and thing would be nice.

I totally agree, player made signs would be awesome and non-invasive to the user experience. It could be helpful for new players as well as a warning for people encroaching on land & resources. It would also give you the ability to label things such as houses and structures.

1+ for the idea, I’ve always thought some sort of “paint” would be cool as well. Paint on someone elses house :wink:

It has been suggested a few times, it seems to have mostly positive reviews. Hey, at least you didn’t suggest sharable doors! :v:

Excellent idea. For now you could fake it with creatively placed campfires. “Turn left at the cluster of fires shaped like a schlong!”