Suggestion: Hazmat suit parts shouldn't attract bullets

So apparently Hazmat suits increase the damage you take from bullets and whatnot, even if you just wear the little frog boots. I imagine there was a reason for it but honestly I feel it’s outlived it’s usefulness. Any idea if this will be fixed and/or patched?

Are you sure you actually take bonus damage no matter where you get hit? I was under the impression it worked just like the face mask and protected only the parts that it covered.

Ye man, this makes no fucking sense, i see/saw absolutely nobody using any parts of this gear before/after radiation got removed because of these shitty debuffs. fix plez

Making them give no stats but radiation defense should be ok.

Not sure specifically how it works with regards to coverage, but last I checked rad clothes increase damage you take from blunt+bullet damage by 20% and slash/stab by 40%.

I remember when they added that. I think about a month after this change to promote only geared players looting radtowns, they simply removed radiation all together. Now not only is the radsuit totally useless, it’s actually detrimental to even get BPs for it.

Easy solution: Don’t use Hazmat-gear.

So you don’t mind looting parts and BPs for an item that has literally no use or function.

I love those little frog boots. :frowning:


the only point i dont get it is why would someone get more Damage while having it on it makes no sense in general