[SUGGESTION] Heavy Armor Weight and movement speed/sound and crouching

Hello. First post here.

Just a balance/gameplay suggestion… i was thinking something about weight on metal chest place and mask and heavy weapons. If the player wears these pieces, they will move a little slower,and make a loud metal noise when running/walking, with it, adding some necessity of major tactics and smart plays for the “rich(?)” players and big clans, also balancing for those who like to play stealthy like with leather/cloth armors and bow/lances weaponry (or maybe light firearms like smg and pistols with silencers.)

Also a crouch action would be cool for ambushing and stealth :slight_smile:

What do you guys thing about it?


Sounds great!

Identifying heavily armoured players by the sound of their clunky armour could be a great advantage for nakeds, inciting them to hide and/or ambush their foe. Increasing the depth of game mechanics from simple to enhanced is always good to have.

I am highly in favour of this idea.

I dont think that heavy armor is gonna be the roam type of armor. I think its gonna be for raiding and Defending.

I agree with this, the armor should do some noises. There it should be SOME disadvantage for them. I see what gonna happend now after they will been added.

  1. Gear guys will have it on them and will run with it 24/7.
  2. You will be able to take 20 arrows to the head ((Possibility)
  3. Its undefeatable to take out with arrows.

I think they should also think about some disadvantages for them and not only a advantages

Either way, there’s probably going to be new arrowheads and such to counter heavy armour. And if you only have standard weaponry, then aim at the weak spots, joints where parts of the body are exposed or/and need to conserve mobility.

The devblog says that the heavy armour will “turn the wearer into a ned kelly type juggernaut at the cost of slower mobility”, I’m thinking wearing at least the chestplate and leggings will disallow the wearer from sprinting using shift.