[Suggestion] Hide Chat +Mute Voice

It is nothing really important yet etc. but I want to request this before the options menus are developed. I would like the possibility to hide the public chat and mute near voices because I am one of these players who get annoyed by others words very quickly (hope this argument is no bait for “funny” answers). And yes, it is too hard to ignore up popping messages in all chat. I see them, even if I try to ignore them.

If someone feels offended by this thread Im sorry if you feel lonely when talking to someone ingame who will not react. But some guys prefer silent atmosphere and get annoyed by child voices. I hope that is understandable for you. Different people different preferences.


Would be also nice if it works with a console command

yeah i suppose i can see a use for this. personally i’d rather see a mute player function though, so you can selectively remove the input from the little squeaker who keeps yelling into their mike/spamming chat without stopping you from immersing yourself by actually talking to other players.