[Suggestion] Higher Tier Wood Cutting Implements

One thing i have noticed in the game is how bad the grind is as far as wood cutting. Since everything is dependent on wood and considering it burns so fast in furnaces, it makes the game resemble lumberjack simulator during base building. Instead of changing ratio of furnace wood or gathering rate, I think new tools would add some flavor and character to the game.
The first idea is a 2 person cross cut saw like so: http://www.woodcraft.com/Images/products/400/158763.jpg (Might as well go full lumberjack)
One person begins using the saw on the tree, but another may join to double the rate of collection for each person. This will encourage teamwork as well.
For late game, a single person could get a powered chainsaw for a large amount of metal frags and fuel. http://www.woodcraft.com/Images/products/600/418127.jpg
It’s for the type of adventurer that doesn’t give a damn if they make a ton of noise.

Changing the ratio will be a lot easier than to implement this :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for chainsaws… Make it expensive so people want to kill for it, loud as hell so everyone knows you’re using it and make it gather 4x and use low grade as fuel. It totally needs to work as a weapon too. Win.

I agree about using it as weapon and being able to melee raid horror movie style :slight_smile:

Let the metal hatchet gather more ressource. Actually stone hatchet gather 20 woods per hit and metal hatchet only 25… put it to 30 or 35 wood per hit and it will be a lot better.

Or make the salvaged axe actually worth its cost. Would be nice if it gathered 40-50 wood per whack.

Or play on a modded server with x10 gather rates!

I know it is super easy to mod and balance the existing models but this game will fizzle without imaginative and creative new ways to do the most menial task in the game. I would ask what other ways could you expedite these kind of tasks so that PvP interaction becomes more of the focus?

Just a quick note on your idea, which I think is OK btw…

The gather rate would need to be x3 with 2 people, otherwise each person could just do it on their own for the same results.

Right i meant double for each person for x4 total, sry about that