[SUGGESTION] House Blueprint (Fix for Misplaced Objects)


So i was looking some ideas on Rust Trello’s,and i saw the idea: “House ‘ownership’ so you can easily destroy misplaced objects”,and right below someone said: “This is going to be temporary because we need a way better way of doing this - we shouldn’t have abilities exclusive”.
So,if you want to solve this quick,i have a idea… let’s think,what we do in real life when we are constructing a house: We make a blueprint,right? So… Blueprint,how can we make this work on the game?
First you must have a workbench near,and a Blank Blueprint (can be found on lootables)


When the player uses the Blank Blueprint,he will enter on the “Constructing Mode” there,the player will have unlimited resources,and can easily break misplaced objects to make his house just like he wants

When it’s done,the blueprint now will turn into a “House Blueprint”


To use this you’ll need all the items you used while in Constructing Mode,if you have these items,you can place your house wherever you want

Then finally you just have to wait some time,depending how many items you used to your house,and it’s done

Sorry about my english im Brazilian :slight_smile:

Good idea but think alot of code would be needed and wouldnt be to be completed quickly

**Never really appreciated suggestions, but holy **** I like this one.

+1 and a +1 for everyone else who didn’t look at this.**

but you should be able to re-edit the blueprint if you went crazy and made a huge building just the realize, that you have way to less mats.

And who says, that, if a house is placed you are happy with it forever … maybe you want to remove something later …

I think the best idea is just a config (for admin) like this

ownership true // enables the ownership in general
ownership_limited true // ownership runs out
ownership_time 3600 // time in seconds, how long the house “belongs” to you (ownership runs out). Within that time you can break your own stuff immediately - after that, you’ll need as long as everyone else
ownership_protection true // as long as the house “belongs” to you, no one can destroy it (except admin)
owner_violation_log true // if someone hits something, that doesn’t belong to him, this parameter writes that into a logfile