suggestion. how to counter ladder

hello. there is an armored wall that requires 500 mf 400 stones and 300 woods to upgrade from any lavel, but u can place ladder on it. so my suggestion is to add new wall tier (witch will require 1k mf 800 stones and 600 woods) and that does not allow you to set a ladder on it. im not good in painting but in my opinion that wall shud look like a normal armored wall with mixed spikes in it. smth like this:

what do u think?

A spiked wall would be a logical defends against ladders. But they should not be limited to armoured walls but available to be placed on all walls

This would make ladders useless. So why even have them then?

u need to throw 2 c4 on that new wall so spikes will be destroyed. and ull be able to place the ladder on it. as an example

Why not just use my idea of making them lean to the wall, and be movable objects? Why we always have to use ridiculous immersion-ruiner solutions, like cupboards?

I prefer that they’re fixed, they’re cheap but the cloth is probably going to limit freshspawns from spamming them. If they were movable, I’d want to see the cost bumped up a lot.

How would that defend against ladders, OP? Any spikes would just go between the rungs, and the climber would just climb around them.

Ladders should definitely lean onto the building. And they should also be limited to one at a time in inventory. As well they should only be 40 foot at best, anything more is just silly and stacking ladders on top of each other is also silly. Unless there is a BP for an extension ladder or something of that sort. Realisticly a grappling hook would be more useful and less cumbersome

More skill involved in aiming it as well. Easy for defenders to pull out and send the climber to fall to their death.

To make rock bases fuck off

You can imagine a guy with a pack that contains his ammo, rope, grappling hook, carrying an ak going to raid. I can’t imagine a guy sneaking through the woods with a fucking 40’ ladder on his back. Trust me even light weight aluminum ladders get heavey after 100 yards let alone some wooden monstrosity you smashed together with a rock and some cordage

For me this is going to kill the game, it is now impossible to defend your loot to spend resources to the point of raiding homes if when you get back is not going to be yours?

It won’t last long, the debs have plans for generators, electric lights etc etc etc. I am sure this will pass the same way other balance issues were. It’s a matter of time before we hear people say “I am gonna quit cause of the unraidable bases everywhere”

Currently people are building rings of ceilings against ladders, and it works perfectly. So ladders are countered.

But the issue with these rings that they make bases look ridiculously bad.
So instead of a ceiling its better if we can build some good looking protection thing, which can be destroyed independently.

I would think a few rockets should take care of rings anyway. Then ladder up the side and onto the roof and voila

And whats next? You will need to break into the base from the roof anyway. In gud old days we built twig towers to get into roofs, I don’t remember complaints about that.

PS If you have rockets it would be much easier to ignore the roof and break into one of the floors.

I realized the rockets could be used in other ways but the topic is dealing with ladders so! In any case there are plenty of very smart people around I am sure other strategies to deal with ladders will develope along with creative uses for ladders. Don’t think we have seen the end of the bitching though

There were constant complaints about it.