Suggestion - human conditions, treatment and items

I think the weaknesses and human conditions should be more realistic.


Besides food, should have also the need for water, as the food that would also influenced by climate and temperature. Also it would be interesting to insert stamina, which decreases as the character run or fight, and its regeneration would be influenced by the amount of water and food.

The health regeneration should be slow as human normal regeneration, in which the speed would also be influenced by the amount of water and food. When using an item not health automatically recovers only adds to some extent the speed of regeneration. For example this character with a good amount of water and food will be the regeneration of 1x, if with little water and food regeneration will be 0.5X.

add more conditions as “Wounds” and “broken bones”, which would appear to depend on the damage taken. Would have an option window to look at the state of the character’s body, to verify the application of treatment or not. If the conditions are not treated, then appear after some time the state of “infection” in which to cease the natural regeneration of health, keep up a long time with this state would become “a critical infection” that inflicting continuous damage to the character until it kills him.

The more injuries and worse their health, more pain thus reducing the speed of the character. would be separated into Light, medium and high.

Treatment and Itens

As stated previously when using an item as “gauze” and “first aid”, the health not recover automatically, for example.

items would be:
Gauze: made of cloth, treating wounds and broken bones, prevents infection of the wound, halts bleeding.

First Aid: Same effect of gauze but more efficient.

antibiotics: Increases the regeneration of health in 0.5X, cure infections.

Alcohol: decreases pain for a while, cure infections.

Painkiller: Decreases pain for quite a while.

Sounds a little too complicated for my liking.

We could just simply have antibiotics and medicine which cures infections and little coughs which give away your position to the enemy players.

this goes into the realm of sacrificing game-play for realism, game-play should always win, the game is no fun if bandages do nothing, its just shoot until one of you dies, no skill beyond aiming.

the cool thing healables entered into games was that a cunning opponent can hide and heal to give himself a better chance at beating you even if you are faster at aiming if he was well aware of his surroundings. the brains over brawn motif.

doing this would just stop people from carrying bandages all together.

My English is poor might not stick well explained the question of gauze and first aid will try to improve.
the idea is:

I think he means how it is in some fighting games. Where when you use a healing item it goes up with a different bar of health(in this case the yellow), that takes a higher percentage of damage, and slowly increases the main health bar(the red) until it reaches the end of the second one(yellow). It makes it so that you can’t spam healing items to heal up instantly because the second bar will reach max, and the first one hasn’t caught up yet.

if that’s what you mean, I think that’s a good idea.

I think not having stamina is good. Putting it in would just make things slower.

yeah lets wait 7 months to heal that bullet wound that sounds fun and practical

So, basicly like left 4 dead pills?

Seems kinda a lot something I posted a few days back…