Suggestion: Human Leather

Used for crafting a mask which when worn will show the username of whom the leather was harvested from initially.

Have the item degrade over a short period of time.

ive seen a lot of weird posts on this site but this has to be in my top 10 reminded me dis XD

Because we all want a dead skin mask…

“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Yes, because we want to wear someones infected skin.

Feels a bit like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Jeepers Creepers.

I think headgear that covers face should hide your name as an added bonus. Stuff like balaclava would not only make you look cool but also have an use. This way you could perform anonymous raids. As for human skin masks, eh why not. We already eat our own meat, why not wear our faces too. This could also work for all the people who want a race change menu. If you’re black, wear a white skin and vice versa.

They’d have to remove that crap that shows the killer’s name first.

Ed Gein just called he wants his mask back.

Fuck, well that didn’t get the responses I expect.

If that’s not an option then how about allowing you to harvest the heads of your dead enemies to mount on wooden barricades?

If this get’s a no too I’ll just go back to taking my meds.

Not a problem. Simply do if mask is on, name is “unknown” or if its human skin, name of that person. Sounds like a good way to create a ruse.

I go joker all the way: